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d3 are looking to tape up the marketplace

Can you tell me about the history of the company?

It’s a great story! – found at the back end of the GFC by three dads (hence the name d3) who couldn’t afford sports strapping tape for their three sons each playing sport. Tape and bandage were becoming ‘a thing’ at the time, but sports tape seemed to be solely for either professionals or the rich and famous. With nothing to lose – a concept was born of reverse engineering. What would ‘we’ as a consumer want/get – what would ‘we’ want to pay. Not what we can get and make in the deal – the sole core focus: the end user wins!

What hurdles did you have to overcome to bring D3 to the marketplace?

Germans, Americans and pretty much every pharmaceutical company looking to protect their own monopoly. The landscape was about to change, the public and retailers required time to understand that this was not just a range launch policy, that we would always act with the end user in mind – create products, concepts and pricing – that was required.

Honest, cost effective pricing did leave question marks over quality – however, word spread that the quality was the same as others if not better – customers extended loyalty, the range grew and hence volumes.

What is the science behind the product?

This is two-fold:

– lots of science, a changing marketplace of: Self-monitoring – people started to care about how the look, feel and active lifestyles.

Self diagnose – the internet and smart phones – no longer was professional advice required – we found the answers personally.

Self Medication – we do it ourselves – Tape and Bandage no longer requires to be supplied and applied by a trained professional – we just started doing it ourselves.

The Tape and Bandage:
Zero! – experts and specialist Tape and Bandage manufacturers make the Tape. We at d3 control the quality control and the value proposition concept. To ensure that retailers have the best sense of confidence and biggest percentage of success with our products. We are a brand – as are all others! – the question is: Who’s offering more, and who is less greedy? And who’s having more fun in the process? So not rocket science!

Can you tell me about the different attributes of your tape range?

Tape and Bandage is actually not a specialist product and dose not require a premium price tag.

So our global concept – lets make this fun, funky and affordable – people will want more, afford more and actually consume a greater volume.

Due to the value proposition of longer lengths / greater volumes and exciting range of colours that brought flexibility and fashion into a consumable product range

But it’s not all about tape – you also stock a range of recovery and first aid products. Can you tell me about them?

Our Aim – keep people active! If they are, hopefully they will be using our products, and hence growth. The same principles and ethos of above apply.

If the consumer requires a recovery rub – lets make it great and amazing value. If it’s a First Aid Kit – what will really work?

The consumer of a d3 product gets – more. More than expected, more value and extras – be it either added length of volume and extra products (there are surprize packages in the first aid kits) that make logical sense. You don’t need a safety pin (they are there also) – you need extra self adhesive bandages for a sprained finger, instant ice pack to stop the tears and core essential woundcare, that real people can use

Since you launched in 2010 how has the market changed?

It has lowered its prices! Consumers your welcome, even if you don’t buy d3. Genuine, innovative, and honest competition! Finally the previous suppliers of the UK’s sports consumables are not flying around the world in Lear Jets. Get real – or get out of the way – these are the correct lengths, correct range and correct and true price and value.

How easy has it been to get d3 into new markets and countries?

Once there… the end user wins! And therefore all parties in the process do as well – easy!

Why should customers choose d3 over other tapes?

Because the consumer is no idiot! – they quickly work out honestly and value – They will only fool themselves for so long. They see what they buy therefore all packaging is transparent. We offer an innovative full range of retail savy Tape and Bandage – not a one trick pony.

How do you plan to increase d3’s market share in the UK?

We go big on anything we do! And we 100 per cent believe in our offering and range. However, we understand that the Consumer will decide on what our market share will look like. Some d3 products are upto twice the traditional length and at lower price points, so the tape sells itself (as it should). We concentrate on growing distribution and awareness, with sensible and realistic T&C’s. Our retail partners become part of the d3 story, enjoy the process and get in behind the meaning of the ethos and brand.

How important is social media to you?

More important than we’ve shown to date – but watch this space, we truly believe that with the recreational public of the UK endorsing the d3 brand, becoming our unofficial brand ambassadors, all SM and messaging will go through the roof!

You offer tutorials on your website on how to use d3 – how popular have these been?

We offer these for a fast track to success – again the consumer is no idiot, so they soon work it out – benefits / application and just how to do it. Every tape and bandage we’ve provided extra length – to ensure that these ‘trails’ are on us.

What are your plans for the future?

To continue to deliver all of above and more, and do it all with a big open heart. Being part of a healthier, fitter more active marketplace that feels: d3unstoppable!

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