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David Cachón becomes new Leatt ambassador in Spain

After retiring from competitive riding, David now lives a multitrack life within the MTB world. He is a publisher, editor and storyteller. He runs a local bike shop just outside Barcelona. He is an adventurer, embarking on several trips a year with bike, discovering new trails across Europe and beyond. With his trials background, David Cachón spends his time on gravel, enduro and most recently e-bikes. It all depends where the adventure takes him.

David said: “I travel all over the world, trying to bring attention to the beauty of nature and make nice cinematic videos to inspire people to travel and explore. I try to partner with companies who share my passion and support my work. Leatt is an interesting brand with high quality products for what I do. Leatt is also from Cape Town, I haven’t been there yet, so maybe that’s where my new adventure will take me.”

In his new adventures, David will be equipped with the latest Leatt 2020 protection and apparel.

What’s the best trick you can do? Are you better than Danny MacAskill?

If you give me a 100€ bill I can make it disappear almost immediately, do you think it’s a good trick? I think I don’t stand out for doing great tricks, but thanks to the imagination and the mixture of some styles I get to do original and entertaining things. Personally, I have a lot of fun doing flips and tailwhips with my Street bike. Of course I’m not better than Danny, I think he has changed the game, has been very original and has managed to give the right touch to a sport that was hidden, as was the trial, has modernized and made it fashionable. Together with riders like Fabio Wibmer they represent the “new school” and are a great inspiration to me, I like what they do.

You travel a lot but how popular is mountain biking in Spain? What type of riding is most popular?

Cycling is a popular sport in Spain and specifically MTB has grown a lot in recent years. I think that right now we are experiencing a great transition from Enduro practitioners to the Ebikes. Undoubtedly, the electric bicycle will be part of the present and future of our sport.

How do you balance being a publisher, shop owner and traveller? Which area takes up most of your time and which do you like most?

I confess that it is not easy, the most important thing is to have a good team of people to help you and a very understanding wife. Frankly, the part of my job that fills me the most, and I like, is travelling and cycling. I think that the sensations that we can travel around the world with our bicycle is one of the best experiences that a cycling lover can have.

Leatt is from Cape Town and you like travelling. Did you sign with Leatt because you want to go to South Africa?

I think you caught me. I had a pin on my world map for a long time and maybe now is a good opportunity to visit there. This way I can take a look on the new products that the Leatt boys have prepared.

Gravel biking is becoming very popular and E-bikes are unstoppable. Which type of riding do you like best?

I really enjoy any kind of ride on a bicycle, each style has something that attracts me and motivates me. From BMX or Trial, through Gravel, Enduro, Freeride, Downhill, Ebikes. Lately I am very hooked to Ebikes, I think they multiply the possibilities we have in the mountains and allow us to explore and access some of the hardest places. Also, I have a lot of fun going up and of course going down.

Is there any product / collection / technology of the brand that you want to highlight?

The 360º Turbine system, which all of the Leatt helmets have to reduce the impact and rotation in the head, has certainly attracted my attention, it is certainly something vital for riders who spend a lot of time on the bike. Another of my favourite products is the DBX 5.0 All Mountain jacket, it is simply brutal. Repels water and perspires, offering excellent comfort and protection. Also the Airflex Pro knee pads are on my list of favourite products, they are undoubtedly the best knee pads I’ve ever had, light, comfortable and with the necessary protection to get to fruition.

What adventures have you planned for the 2020 season?

This year seems to be very busy, I have several trips planned to Cairo, New York, Turkey… surely Cape Town. I think that there will be fun and good times. It’s the great thing about travelling: experiences and discovering new places and different terrains where you can ride a bike.

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