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Dont sweat it – keep your stuff safe and jump into the gym

A little too much to juggle and that’s where Blue Frog come in.

Their innovative sweat towel could be just the thing to keep your belongings safe and sound at the gym.

Rachel Lilley set up the Bolton-based business, with her mum Sheila Makeham, back in 2014 when she was on maternity leave with her first child.

Their latest product is the new Sport Towel Pro. Two secure pockets keep your stuff safe and separated, plus hidden zips give the towel a super smooth finish.
It features two different super-soft microfibre fabrics, one for you and one for the equipment, and the handy elasticated loop is perfect for hanging the towel on equipment or securing it when it’s rolled up.

It comes in a unisex on-trend black and white/black colourway, with plans for added colours/patterns further down the line. In attractive packaging the towel is easy to display too.
Rachel said: “We went to Be:Fit with our original towel in 2015 and got some great feedback from suppliers there.

“So we went away and worked with a product designer and have reinvented it into what it is today.

“Soon after we started out we decided to offer a personalisation service, which resulted in a successful application to be on the prestigious notonthehighstreet website.

“With our new design we are aiming for something that you would see in a retail store alongside brands like Nike and Asics.”

Rachel, like a lot of people, goes to the gym already changed into her gear and heads home straight after the workout.

The reason for coming up with the product was simple.

Rachel explains: “I turn up, workout, and go. I rarely use the lockers in the changing rooms.

“I was losing my gym card on a weekly basis so it was losing me money – costing me £5 a time to get a new card.

“So I wanted something to keep everything safe, including my keys and my phone.

“We came up with the two pocket design so you could separate things. You could protect your phone so the screen wouldn’t get scratched by your keys.

“We also went for the dualsided towel because of hygiene. I don’t want to wipe my face with something I just used to wipe down the equipment after someone else has been sweating all over it.

“The USP is it is a split pocket sweat towel, so there is a phone protection element, and now we have added a hanging element after getting feedback from customers.”

The towel is not just limited to gym use but can also be an essential bit of kit for yoga and crossfit.

And Rachel is confident that Blue Frog’s sweat towel will be a hit.

She said: “It’s a fantastic solution for a workout on the go.”

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