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Edward Lowy, MD Unicorn Group, talks about their new B2B website

If you are going to build something new you have to start from the ground up. And that was Edward Lowy’s view when he revamped the company’s websites. The MD of Unicorn Group had assessed their websites, which encompassed Unicorn Darts, Gunn & Moore, Powerglide and Molten Sports, and found them wanting.

So it was a case of tear it down and build it back up again to make it easier for retailers to use and buy their goods.

Edward said: “Firstly, as a business, we are custodians of four brands, Unicorn, Gunn & Moore, Powerglide and Molten. In terms of websites they all had their own individual sites and they were not up to scratch for trading in 2017.

We took a step back, took a long hard look at how we should appear to the trade and how to be able to be easier to deal with. The conclusion was none of the websites we had were fit for purpose.

“And so we started from scratch, with entirely new architecture that encompasses every sport and brand that we are involved in. We put them all under the umbrella of When a customer goes to the site they can immediately go straight into any of the sports we are involved in.”

The new site has a two-pronged attack, one for consumers but, more importantly, one for retailers.

Edward said: “The site operates at two levels, really. Firstly, for consumers who want to find out more about our brands then they can see our entire range offering.

But, for the trade, we will allocate specific sign-in credentials. When they log-in they have access to additional features such as seeing our online stock availability. They will be able to place orders there and then with a specially laid out format that has in mind the needs of a trade buyer as opposed to that of a consumer.

“Up until now if they had wanted to order, let’s say, some darts and some cue products from us under the Unicorn and Powerglide banners, they would really need to work on two orders but now it’s just one single basket.

Everything goes in there and we deal with the complexities of executing that order and fulfilling it. They then get all their order in one delivery.

“Retailers can buy across all of our sports and all of our brands in any permutations they wish. These days, especially for the small independent it may well be that they want to order their stock at 3am on a Sunday morning or a quiet time in the shop, this gives them the flexibility and access to do that.

The site is also fully responsive, so it not only works on a PC but also operates and looks good on an iPad, tablet or a mobile phone.

“Our focus is very much about supporting the independent retailer in the trade. We do that through all our brands, through extensive social media exposure, and our job is to generate demand for our branded products.

“We have also built into the website a comprehensive store locater facility which goes right down to street view level so a consumer can find a retailer as we are trying to drive traffic to them.”

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