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Euro 2024: Catalyst for Change in the Football Market

The upcoming Euro 2024 tournament, scheduled to take place in Germany from June 14 to July 14, 2024, is a highly anticipated sporting event and a potential catalyst for significant changes in the football market.

The tournament will unite 24 teams across 10 host cities, including Berlin, Munich, and Hamburg. The event promises to reshape various aspects of the football industry, from player transfers and market values to the broader economic and social impact on host cities and participating nations.

Economic Boost for Host Cities

Hosting Euro 2024 is anticipated to significantly boost the economy of German cities. The influx of fans, media personnel, and teams will drive demand for various services, including accommodations, dining, and local businesses. This event will likely enhance tourism, particularly in cities like Munich and Berlin, which are known for their rich cultural and historical landmarks.


Berlin stands out among the host cities for its affordability and extensive preparations for the event. The city ranks second in affordability among the ten host cities, offering some of the stadium’s cheapest food and beverage options.


For example, beer at the Olympiastadion is one of the lowest at €4.40, and sausages cost around €3.50. Additionally, about 23% of the restaurants in Berlin offer cheap eating options, the highest ratio among the host cities.


The city’s public transport system, including the U-Bahn and S-Bahn, will be crucial in managing the influx of visitors. Innovative apps like GuideMeGo, which aids people with disabilities, will help spectators navigate the city efficiently​.

Player Transfers and Market Values

Euro 2024 will serve as a global showcase for football talent, potentially altering player transfer dynamics. Historically, strong performances in international tournaments have led to significant increases in player market values.


Scouts from top clubs will closely monitor emerging stars and established players, resulting in heightened transfer activity post-tournament. For instance, players who shine during the tournament may see their market values surge, leading to lucrative transfers to elite clubs across Europe and beyond.

Broadening Fan Engagement

Fan engagement is poised to reach new heights during Euro 2024. The tournament will feature extensive fan zones in each host city, providing public viewing experiences and interactive activities. These zones are designed to cater to both local fans and international visitors, fostering a sense of community and shared passion for football.


The rise of digital platforms will also play a crucial role, with live streaming, social media interactions, and virtual fan experiences enhancing accessibility and engagement for a global audience.


Additionally, sportsbooks will offer promotional offers for betting fans around the tournament, and fans can utilize the PrizePicks promo code to participate in various betting options.

Technology at Euro 2024

The tournament will also highlight innovations in football technology. The official match ball, FUSSBALLLIEBE, features Adidas Connected Ball Technology, which provides real-time data to enhance performance analysis.


The innovation reflects a broader trend in the football market towards integrating technology for better game management and fan engagement.


Advanced analytics and performance tracking will likely become more prevalent, influencing coaching strategies and player development.

Social and Environmental Initiatives

Euro 2024 is set to lead by example regarding social and environmental sustainability. UEFA has outlined a comprehensive Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategy to minimize the tournament’s ecological footprint.


Initiatives include promoting public transportation, implementing waste reduction measures, and encouraging sustainable practices among fans and participants.


Likewise, the semi-automated offside technology introduced in the 2022 FIFA World Cup will be used in Euro 2024. This system utilizes a sensor inside the ball and limb-tracking data from cameras to make more precise offside decisions.


Euro 2024 is more than just a football tournament; it is a significant event that can potentially drive change across the football market. From economic boosts for host cities and technological advancements to increased player market values and enhanced fan engagement, the tournament will leave a lasting impact on various aspects of the industry.

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