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Expert predictions for the top fitness trends of 2023

The start of a new year is the perfect time to set new resolutions and fitness goals, whether that be joining a gym or achieving new personal bests within our workout routines – which are often at the top of the goal list.

With climate change and the energy crisis firmly on the agenda, both the industry and its consumers are looking for cost-effective, sustainable ways to work out, along with ways in which we can transform the fitness industry for the better.

Dean Zweck, Product Development Manager at Total Fitness, the leading North of England and Wales mid-market health club, shares his predictions for the fitness trends set to get 2023 off on the right track.

1. Greener Ways to Train

As technology within the fitness sector continues to advance, we have seen a rise in the development of greener gym equipment. With many companies utilising reusable energy designed to keep costs down, we’re seeing a growing trend for self-powered treadmills and exercise bikes – giving both at home gyms and fitness centres the ability to reduce their electricity intake, which is a huge benefit during the current cost of living crisis. Meaning both consumers and businesses have the opportunity to incorporate new and innovative ways to become more sustainable in 2023.

2. Outdoor Fitness

Getting outdoors first thing in the morning allows people to feel refreshed and boosts their vitamin D levels, which improves their mood and keeps them motivated during the darker months. Training outside has many benefits, as not only is it a cost-effective way to work out, but it’s also greener and comes with many additional health benefits – including lowering blood pressure and heart rate, which in turn makes exercise feel less strenuous compared to indoor workouts. Incorporating a hybrid exercise plan creates a flexible workout environment which can help keep individuals motivated to reach their goals within their busy work-life schedule.
Taking part in outdoor bootcamps and fitness, from yoga in the park to low maintenance exercises, such as running and cycling, makes fitness much more inclusive. It also provides people with the opportunity to mix up their routines and get outside in the fresh air as well as visiting the gym and taking part in classes – which benefits them mentally and physically.

3. Inclusive Spaces

We’ve recently seen a growing trend for inclusivity within the fitness sector, such as dedicated womens only gym spaces which has seen the creation of strength training areas to allow women to feel more confident throughout their fitness journey.

Demand for dedicated, safe spaces to workout is on the rise in the fitness sector and gym members are increasingly asking for their clubs to be adapted to address this. Listening to what members want and need for their fitness journey is high on the agenda for 2023, and I predict that there will be further exciting developments around diversity and inclusion within the fitness industry for years to come.

4. Recovery and Regeneration

As the wellness industry grows, I predict that people will start to realise and embrace the importance of rest and recovery, taking a more balanced approach to fitness. We’ve seen the rise of massage guns and specific recovery equipment in 2022, which allow users to get the most out of their routine, making sure they understand how to take care of their body when injury strikes – allowing them to progress through their fitness journey without roadblocks. I believe this commitment to recovery will continue to grow throughout 2023.

These regenerative processes are highly accessible through mid-market gyms who offer a wide range of recovery focused workouts such as yoga. Yoga helps improve mobility and extends far beyond a relaxing stretch – helping improve both mind and body. At Total Fitness, we also have a selection of heat treatment facilities including hydro pools designed to aid strained muscles, along with saunas and steam facilities to help relax the body post-workout. These amenities offer more than just a place to destress and re-charge, they also help to improve circulation, lower blood pressure and loosen stiff joints – allowing people to push themselves further to reach their health and fitness goals.

5. Gyms to Focus on Health, Not Just Fitness

Members will begin to see a rise in the reinforcement of health within their fitness facilities, as technology continues to evolve, and many people are now invested more than ever in their health and wellbeing. As gyms begin to branch out of their fitness bracket and focus on health too, this investment within the industry will help to ease the burden on the NHS. Fitness facilities are starting to offer their services to help people with a wide spectrum conditions, such as obesity, cancer, long covid, cardiac rehab and more, as well as investing in training across the sector.

Many individuals are now investing in a personal trainer to not only help them feel fit and strong, but to maintain a healthy and steady progression which allows them to see improvements they might not have gained otherwise. Along with the incorporation of body composition technology and the wide range of health data it comes with, such as muscle, fat, visceral fat, water and metabolic age, members can use the data to understand their body further, allowing them to target certain areas and increase their health.

So, there you have it, five of the top trends set to take the fitness industry by storm in 2023.

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