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FHOSS Safety Wear move into the consumer market with lighting products for cyclists

Award winning manufacturer of powered light safety products, FHOSS Safety Wear, has launched a brand new range of glow in the dark, LED light products giving cyclists peace of mind when riding during hours of low light and darkness.

Originally the technology was developed for the construction industry to keep workers safe and seen but Andrew Kimitri, founder and CEO of FHOSS, quickly saw the merits for the consumer market.

He said: “It took about four years to develop the technology, so we could get approval and make sure it was washable and could go into industrial laundries.

“Once we established we could achieve all those things we then approached the market with companies like Network Rail, BT, Transport for London and Vulca. Then we merged into the large distributors the likes of Greenham and Arco to channel the product more into those sectors. We became quite successful in that and then we realised there was a very large opportunity to merge into the consumer market, knowing that everyone needs something lit up at night.

“We spent a bit of time working with a team on how we could introduce the next level of safety for the consumer, that being a rider, a runner, a child walking to school, hiking and camping and with these sectors the verticals are huge where the product could be used, even equestrian.

“We developed about seven or eight key products and the most exciting one we developed, we thought, was the indicating, blue tooth rucksac and tailbag.”

The FHOSS Tailbag and Rucksack provide night-time safety for cyclists by way of remote controlled indicator lights which attach to a bike’s handlebars. Riders are then able to indicate left and right, as well as when they are braking – allowing other road users to understand cyclists’ movements after dark.

Also launching in the new product range is the FHOSS cord – a LED strip which attaches to helmets giving 360-degree visibility at all times of day and night. With a 100- hour replaceable battery, the cord provides a total of 100,000 hours of LED life throughout the product’s lifetime. With both blink and glow modes, it is lightweight and can be cut to fit the helmet’s size, perfect for both adults and children.

Finally, the FHOSS Clip-on Magnet light provides additional safety for cyclists and other road users. Also powered by a 100-hour replaceable battery, the light, which comes in a range of colours, conveniently attaches to jackets, helmets and other accessories, providing cyclists with additional luminosity.

Andrew Kimitri, added: “We are really excited to be launching this new range of safety products for the cycling industry, which are perfect for both commuter and leisure cyclists. Our products have been developed over a period of time and we feel that we have come up with a range of products which really address cyclists’ needs on today’s roads. The issue of signalling is tricky for cyclists after dark, but with the remote control technology on our tailbag and rucksack, we feel that we will be making a positive impact on the safety of cyclists on our roads.

“The magnetic units that come in several colours and they can just be applied to your garment, your backpack, even your helmet if you wanted to put one on the back and the front, white and red.”

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