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Lonsdale has designed a ‘gym within gym’ concept in order to target health club groups and widen the appeal of boxing within the fitness sector.

Lonsdale’s boxing specialist team has used its 30 years of experience to create bespoke designs for health clubs, providing an area within a gym devoted to boxing equipment and activities. The company has designed and provided all the equipment for these boxing areas, including wall art to create the mood, as well as providing gym staff with training and offering advice on getting the best results from the equipment. The set-up has been used successfully at a number of gyms around the UK. The Esporta Gym in Chiswick has dedicated a 1000sq ft area to its new Lonsdale Boxing Arena, which is one of the biggest so far installed in the UK.

Ian Campbell, Lonsdale’s sales and marketing director, has 10 years’ experience in the boxing industry and orchestrated the ‘gym within gym’ concept. He explains: “The Lonsdale ‘gym within gym’ is the ideal way to bring another dimension to the fitness workout. It creates a buzz around the gym and we are confident that Lonsdale are offering the best brand to terms of quality and heritage at competitive prices. In addition, there is a great opportunity to develop secondary spend revenue through the sale of boxing sundries.”

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