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Fitness Gear: Optimise Performance and Style

Some people view fitness as a goal, but for fitness enthusiasts, it’s a lifestyle. If you can identify yourself as a fitness enthusiast, then you know that already. Now, fitness is a far broader term today than it was a few decades ago, as there are separations between even hardcore fitness enthusiasts, depending on their respective goals.

However, the soundest definition of fitness still serves to describe a state of balanced physical wellbeing. On that note, let’s take a look through the three universally essential pieces of equipment that every fitness enthusiast should own.
Insulated Water Bottle

A thermos is an insulated water bottle that retains the water’s original temperature for a long time, even when the outdoor conditions are relatively extreme. If you are running through the local trail on a cold December morning in Vancouver, you will need to keep yourself hydrated. The cold can dehydrate you, without you even realising that to be the fact. A normal water bottle won’t do of course, as the water will freeze in no time, leaving you with a bottle of slushy ice at best.

This is where the Hydro Flask Bottle with its double-wall vacuum flask technology comes in. It’s not just one of the best insulated water bottles in general; the hydro flask bottle also adds style and colour to your running gear. See all of their products online to find which Hydro Flask Bottle appeals to you the most.

Lightweight Sneakers
Irrespective of whether you prefer to run on a treadmill or outside, you will need a pair of lightweight sneakers. Above all else, they need to be lightweight, because exercising in heavy shoes can lead to bad ankle injuries. Given how cold things can get, insulated sneakers are highly recommended, even though they tend to be a bit heavier, but not by much. As for style, you should be able to find luxury designer sneakers in any colour or design that suits your taste.

Waterproof Gym Bag
People often don’t realise how important it is to invest in a waterproof gym bag for the winters. It will keep your gym gear and clothes protected from snow and rain. This may not feel necessary to those living in warmer climates, but waterproof gym bags can be considered a necessity for Canadian winters.

Don’t forget to clean it as often as possible though, because the waterproofing and sweaty clothes do not go together well without regular cleaning. Once the weather starts to warm up a little, that is when you should switch over to a gym bag made from breathable materials.
Compression Base Layer

Compression suits are thin and stretchable base layers that may serve additional functions as well, but for the most part they provide warmth and support to your muscles in low temperatures. They are also used to increase the efficacy of weight loss routines by boosting and maintaining a higher body heat throughout the session.

Unless you are in perfect shape, it’s difficult to use the compression layers as a part of your fashion statement. However, if you are in perfect shape though, these will accentuate that fact in the best possible way.

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