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From baking soda to blood custard – UK runners are willing to try all kinds of things to run further

UK runners are willing to down pickle juice (35 per cent), swallow baking soda (29 per cent), munch on caterpillar fungus (24 per cent), eat blood custard (13 per cent) and drink deer penis wine (ten per cent) to get extra energy to run further.

UK runners admit to eating energy boosting foods before they head out on their run. The top five foods that UK runners eat are bananas (63 per cent), energy bars (44 per cent), pasta (32 per cent), nuts (31 per cent) and eggs (28 per cent).

Surprisingly, UK runners eat pizza (nine per cent) and drink coffee (22 per cent) before heading out to run.

“I’m amazed by the things that runners are willing to eat and drink to run further,” said Dr Feil, Sports Nutritionist. “I really wouldn’t recommend anyone eating blood custard or drinking deer penis wine, as it might make you rather unwell during your run. I also wouldn’t advise eating pasta before a run because it spikes the blood sugar which stops your fat metabolism, which you will definitely need to keep running.

“Pasta is also hard to digest. The less work your gut has to do, the more energy you have. However, eating a banana at least two hours before a run will give you some extra energy to run further.” Although runners around the world swear by eating and drinking unconventional food and drink, there is of course, a much easier way to get extra energy to run further – simply by switching to an “energy running shoe”.

Most UK runners (89 per cent) would switch their shoe if it gave them extra energy to run further. “As runners ourselves, we know we’re all looking for something to help make running further, just a bit easier,” said Claire Butters, Brooks UK & IE Marketing Manager. “And while some food might give you a bit of extra energy, switching to an energy running shoe is really going to help you go the distance.

“We’ve spent years in the Brooks lab perfecting a way to give all runners more energy to run further – and we cracked it. Brooks Levitate provides the most energy return of leading performance running shoes and features our revolutionary DNA AMP midsole technology which releases energy straight back to you, so you feel like you can run forever.”

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