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HOKA are flying high with a new global campaign: FLY HUMAN FLY

FLY HUMAN FLY is HOKA’s most extensive globally integrated marketing campaign to date and will be amplified globally across owned media, digital platforms and out-of-home.

Why is HOKA launching FLY HUMAN FLY?

FLY HUMAN FLY is a new global brand platform and is an invitation to runners of all abilities to experience a place of joy, optimism, and limitless possibilities. FLY HUMAN FLY will act as a catalyst to encourage consumers to meet HOKA at the starting line and take flight to new heights – together.


HOKA is most likely the most HUMAN performance athletic brand of all time. One that has a heart and a soul and believes in the power of humanity to change the world. Grounded in the belief that movement changes us – both physically and emotionally – HOKA knows that by getting more people to the start line – more HUMANs worldwide can experience this. And when we do, we have the ability to change the world.
All HOKA products aim to make moving easier – whether you are an elite athlete like Jim Walmsley, running in Chamonix at UTMB, or Sam Holness, that turned to trail running to manage his symptoms from Autism, HOKA lets athletes of all levels take flight.

The joy and optimism featured in FLY HUMAN FLY, is that also tapping into coming out of the pandemic and looking forward to a brighter future?
The pandemic was a defining moment for humanity. Times are certainly tough, we all feel it, but humans will always persevere. That’s what we do and running brings joy, optimism and the belief in possibilities in macro and micro moments where we truly feel alive and energized.

The FLY HUMAN FLY campaign introduces – Pursuit – HOKA’s anthem film. Who came up with the idea for it and its message?

When developing the campaign, we did research with consumers around the globe about their relationship with running. While individual and highly personal, all runners shared the transformative experience of a run – what many referred to as “flow state.” This is a time of elevated awareness, ease and the joy and optimism that results. These emotions give way to a world of possibilities that are both grounded in reality and outer worldly. This is the power of transcendence – to fly over the issues of today and what might hold you back.

Can you tell me what kind of experiential events will be happening as part of the campaign?

We are all part of the HUMAN race. Through our experiential campaign elements, we invite people into our message through personalised content that is sharable. With interactive activations, consumers can take a simple quiz and transport themselves into the campaign – creating sharable content with the headline: FLY MARK FLY (example).
We expect to activate this program globally at HOKA local race expos, HOKA branded and partner retail, and across our very own digital and social platforms.

What new product innovations are coming?

We are proud to launch the brand-new Mach 5 alongside the FLY HUMAN FLY campaign. The all new Mach 5 integrates the greatest features and learnings from the popular Mach 4 and Mach Supersonic, and includes a PROFLY midsole and brand new light weight resilient foam and upper. This performance ready pavement pounder is the perfect balance between speed and comfort; energizing runners to catch whatever it is they’re chasing.

Consumers can expect to see brand new styles and exciting new iterations of beloved HOKA favourites launching this autumn further solidifying our position as a pioneer in the performance category.

How will your new website refresh benefit consumers?

Our website refresh launched in tandem with the FLY HUMAN FLY campaign on June 15. Informed by in-depth user experience studies, HOKA teams focused on delivering a “next in class” website experience. The goal of the new site is to deliver an elevated aesthetic, more intuitive navigation, product landing and detail pages and branded story-telling content that welcomes new and existing consumers into the brand.

Can you tell me more about the other distinct parts of your new campaign globally?

FLY HUMAN FLY will be activated in over 30 counties worldwide. Included in the campaign is a Key City Attack plan with a heavy up approach that ensures HOKA will not be missed in influential cities like London, Paris, Munich, Frankfurt and Berlin. HOKA will make a focused investment in high impact out of home combined with an always on – national digital approach. Local and regional activations will help amplify the message.

You are well known in endurance running circles – are you also trying to tap into the social runners such as Parkrun and joggers? Is that the aim of Humans of HOKA?

FLY HUMANS FLY is intended to unite runners of all levels. It is born from insights shared by elite athletes as well as new runners toeing the line for the first time. Through our platform Humans of HOKA, we are able to use our platforms to share the stories of interesting HUMANs and through their journeys, they are able to inspire others.

How important is your partnership with Achilles International, a non-profit which transforms the lives of people with disabilities through athletic programs and social connection, to HOKA and why?

Our partnership with Achilles International is paramount, as it allows us to truly deliver on our mission to bring more people to the start line. Through our partnership with Achilles, we can support athletes of differing abilities to remove barriers that can keep them on the sidelines. Through our partnership, HOKA will create access via financial contributions, gear and engaging our associates as guides to help people of differing abilities to compete. In addition, HOKA will share inspiring stories through its blog, social channels and across Achilles platforms.

What does the future hold for HOKA?

FLY HUMAN FLY is the most fully-integrated brand launch in HOKA’s history. Our focus is on sharing our message across all HOKA platforms and consumer touchpoints. The creative is bold and colorful, just like the brand itself. The HOKA brand icon takes centre stage uniting all campaign creative to drive brand recognition. Product launch creative will link energizing product introductions back to the brand campaign in a layered campaign strategy that is cohesive and reinforces the platform overall.
We will continue to build against FHF.

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