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How Live Streaming Has Made It Easier to Follow Sports

Finding time to follow all your favourite sports is not easy, especially if you have a busy work and social calendar.
However, live streaming on a mobile device has ensured that more people can follow the action even when they are not at home.

Cricket is a great example of a sport where live streaming has helped it grow. There are matches taking place throughout the year, with international games, franchise leagues, and other domestic competitions packed into a busy calendar. The different time zones across the various continents ensure you can almost find some cricket at any point of your day.

If you have a mobile device or computer, it is now easy to access the game you want to watch. Traditionally, you would have had to rely on your local broadcaster showing a game and then you were restricted to watching on your television.

The T20 World Cup in Australia is expected to attract huge interest around the globe in 2022. For those looking to place an online bet on who will lift the trophy, the hosts are the 3/1 favourites to prevail in the tournament. However, they are expected to face a strong challenge from England, India, New Zealand, and Pakistan.

No matter which country you will be watching this event in, you will be able to find a stream of every match in the competition. Fans looking for the most immersive streaming experience will be sure to keep close tabs on expert sports predictions and place a bet or two while watching their favourite team.

Cricket has embraced online streaming as a sport and, as a result, its audience is likely to continue growing in the future. The ICC, cricket’s governing body, will be hoping this also helps participation numbers increase over the next decade.

Streaming Now Amongst Giants of Broadcasting
The leading streaming sites in the world are now battling it out with the big established broadcasters for rights to major sporting events. They have had success in their bids, and they are expected to increase their portfolio in the future.

In tennis, Amazon Prime broadcasts major events across the season in the ATP and WTA. Some of these include Grand Slam and Masters tournaments where all the leading players feature. They also show events that would not normally have cameras, helping to add exposure to those tournaments.

Amazon Prime has also recently become involved in the NFL. They now broadcast Thursday Night Football games. These are prime-time matches that attract big audiences. The streaming company fought off competition from the likes of Fox, CBS, ESPN, and NBC to receive the package this season.

DAZN is one of the latest companies to become a major player in sports streaming. They have secured a lot of rights to major boxing events, with Anthony Joshua signing up to feature on their platform in the USA.

Major fights with the likes of Joshua involved often required consumers to purchase the fight on pay-per-view. Streaming platforms such as DAZN charge a monthly cost, and sports fans can watch all their broadcasts across that month.

In 2023, when a lot of broadcasting rights for sporting events are up for renewal, including cricket, it will be interesting to see if more streaming services add to their portfolio. With streaming numbers increasing all the time, there is no doubt that they see sports right as a big part of their plans.

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