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How runners can stay hydrated for the London Marathon

This year’s London Marathon has been the most popular so far with over half a million hopeful runners entering the ballot. In line with this surge in popularity, search data shows that there has been a 12% increase in ‘running’ queries in the last quarter.

What’s more, research from sustainable drinks brand, DASH Water, shows that searches for ‘running hydration’ have increased by 115% in the last quarter and 36% in the last month as more runners look for the best ways to hydrate their bodies while on the move.

For first-time marathon runners, or even the most elite, it can be a minefield trying to figure out the best way to fuel your body and quench your thirst ahead, during and after the big race.

Holly Crossley, E-commerce Director at DASH Water, shares top tips for selecting the best drinks for hydration to replenish the body whilst running: “The key for hydration is to opt for drinks with simplicity at their core – those with no calories, sugar, or sweeteners. Minimalist drinks prioritise your wellbeing by offering pure hydration and nourishment without any unnecessary additives. That way, you’re able to ensure you’re putting good, natural ingredients into your body which will support your overall health and your running performance.”

Ensuring proper hydration is essential for overall health and vitality but is especially during a marathon. Here are some expert-backed strategies from Holly Crossley to stay well-hydrated during a marathon:

Sip in Style

Don’t over-hydrate on the lead-up to the big day, drink a regular amount of sips as you would on a normal day to allow your body to follow its natural cycle of hydration. On the day, continue to sip rather than gulp when you run.

Splash of Flavour

Hydration doesn’t have to be bland. Fruit-infused drinks such as a natural lemon sparkling water are a great way to spice up your necessary water intake. From zesty citrus to crisp cucumber, there’s a flavour to suit every palate and perk up your hydration to keep your taste buds in the running, too.

Tech-Savvy Hydration

Stay on top of your hydration game post-marathon with your phone or an app. Set personalised reminders, track your intake, and level up your hydration habits with just a tap.

Snack Sensibly

Give your running snacks a hydration makeover with water-rich snacks. Choose juicy watermelon or crisp cucumber slices for a hydrating treat that satisfies your cravings and fuels your hydration.

Listen to Your Thirst

Your body knows best, so trust its cues. When you feel thirsty, steadily reach for a quenching, simple drink that will enhance your wellness and your performance.

Discover more expert tips on hydration with DASH Water, sparkling flavoured water that quenches your thirst.



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