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How to set up a home gym

Knowing where to start setting up a home gym can be difficult, particularly if you have never had one.

Here are some top tips for setting up the optimal home gym:

Map out your space

First things first, you need to begin by mapping out the space you have to work with. Whether it’s a spare room or a garage, accurately measure the dimensions of the space so you know what you’ve got to play with.
Once you know the measurements, you can then map out where you want different equipment to go. This requires careful considerations; don’t overfill the space and make it hard to move around, consider usability during this planning phase.

If possible, it is useful to leave some room for maneuver in your planning; this allows leeway for any measurements that may be slightly inaccurate and also means you can add in new equipment in the future if you wish to do so.
Don’t forget that you need to factor in more than just fitness machines such as a treadmill or bike, you should also consider mat space and mirrors too.

Make any necessary adjustments

Before filling a room with equipment and getting on with your workout routine, you may need to make further adjustments to the room to make it usable as a gym. A prime example is a garage gym that may require the addition of insulation before it can be used as a gym, as it is unlikely that is already well insulated if it has only previously been used for storage. You may also need to replace or reinforce flooring depending on what is currently in the space you’re using. This could be anything from removing carpet to laying rubber gym tiles to protect the floor and yourself.

Purchase and install equipment

Now that the space is all prepared it is time to purchase and install all the equipment. Be sure to make conscious purchasing decisions; if you never use a cross-trainer at the gym then you aren’t likely to suddenly start using one in your home gym.

Try to go for a good range, with a mixture of cardio and weight options so that you are able to complete really well-rounded workouts at home.

When installing, or even building certain machines such as a bench or squat rack, be sure to use reliable tools such as dewalt power tools to ensure that everything is built to a high standard and can be used safely.

It is worth noting that home gyms can take all shapes and sizes and can be created even with a small budget. Even if your budget and space only allow for a small area of floor space in an existing room and a set of dumbbells, you can still see major results from working out at home.

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