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How to take care of your sports clothing

Here are some of the ways you can care for your sports clothing to make it last longer and look fresher:


Before buying more sports clothing, it is important to consider where you are buying it from and whether you should invest in higher quality pieces. The highest quality doesn’t always have to mean the highest price, but clothing, whether it is for the gym or not, is typically of lower quality if you are able to buy it at an alarmingly low price.

Do some research, and read customer reviews, to find some good quality options for when you next need to make a purchase. Typically, the better quality of the clothing, the better it will wash and the longer it will last.


Depending on the type of physical activity you are carrying out, you may well choose to wash your gym clothes after every wear. This is expected and often advised due to the high levels of bacteria on sports clothing from both sweat and being in close contact with fitness equipment.

If possible, wash your gym clothes as soon as possible after working out, rather than leaving them under a large pile of washing. If this isn’t possible, you should leave your clothes to air dry after a workout, before putting them in the wash basket with the rest of your dirty clothes.

Many of us use fabric softener to help our clothes smell good, however, fabric softener can actually be damaging to sports gear. The use of it can damage some of the qualities of the gym clothes that allow them to be sweatproof or anti-bacterial. Therefore, you should avoid using fabric softener altogether when washing your sports clothes. If you are worried about lingering odours, use lemon juice or baking soda to help eliminate these.

It is also handy to wash your gym clothing inside out, as most of the sweat will be found on the inside of the kit.


If you are an avid runner or a gym bunny, you may be tempted to throw your washed clothes in the dryer, so they are ready to use again quickly. Whilst this may be the most convenient option, many sports clothes aren’t suitable for the dryer, and you risk shrinking them.

Always read the care labels, and air dry if advised.


Once your clothes are washed and dried, it is equally important to store them properly. Having a devoted area where you store your clothes, whether it be a fitted wardrobe or a drawer in your dresser, make sure to fold clothes rather than hanging to avoid stretching.

Make sure your storage is as free from dust as possible and consider investing in some moth deterrents.

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