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Improve your performance with Infrared

Fitness clothing has never been more important; with ever advancing technologies coming in to play, it’s a way for athletes to enhance their performance, accelerate recovery and capture a competitive advantage without any extra effort or training.

What are Infrared Garments?

Infrared garments are designed to enhance performance and accelerate recovery through the use of infrared technology. The fabrics capture the body’s wasted energy and convert it to a specific wavelength Far Infrared Radiation (FIR) that has proven effects on the body. FIR increases the production of nitric oxide which, in combination with increased blood circulation, is responsible for a variety of positive effects.

How can Infrared Garments help?

Improved Performance:

The increased levels of tissue oxygenation combined with an increase in blood circulation allows for more oxygen, nutrients, and glucose to be delivered, converted and absorbed into cells. FIR also hastens the removal and breakdown of lactic acid, delaying muscle fatigue and increasing muscle performance during exercise.

Accelerated Recovery:

The increased blood oxygenation and circulation caused by FIR helps with the removal and breakdown of lactic acid and increases the rate in which waste products are removed from cells. The increased circulation also aids in replenishing muscle glycogen levels, reducing inflammation and speeding up the recovery process. All of these effects result in a faster replenishment of energy during and after exercise and increase the rates of cellular repair and replication.


FIR technology embedded into fabrics allow for:

• Temperature regulation
• Quick drying
• Increased circulation

The increase in circulation created by FIR also aids the body’s thermoregulatory system so that it does not become too hot. The fabrics also help cool the body in hotter climates as they are 63-65% quicker drying than standard fabrics. FIR accelerates the rate of evaporation and dissipates heat into the surroundings keeping the body cool

Increased Circulation:

Far Infrared Radiation (FIR) increases vasodilation of blood vessels by increasing the production of nitric oxide. Vasodilation expands the blood vessels causing the flow of blood to increase which in turn allows for a variety of positive effects on body tissue, including increased glycogen levels, faster removal of lactic acid, and better thermoregulatory ability.

Increased tissue oxygen levels by 20 per cent:

FIR increases the oxygen levels as well as nutrient levels in the blood making them more readily available to cells when needed. Blood circulation is also increased which speeds up the delivery of blood to the muscles. It also hastens the breakdown of lactic acid and the rate at which waste products are removed. This delays the onset of fatigue and increases muscle performance during exercise.

Increased Cellular Metabolism and Energy Production:

The increased circulation and oxygenation levels of the blood results in a faster replenishment of energy both during and after exercise as well as increasing cellular repair and replication. FIR causes nitric oxide to dissociate from the active site of cytochrome-C oxidase, a protein on your mitochondria which plays a large part in the energy production process within cells. The metabolic processes within cells occur quicker because the active site is free, allowing for increased ATP production. ATP is the source of energy for all physiological processes and due to the increase in its production cells will grow, repair, and replicate faster.

Pail Relief:

FIR causes a release of nitric oxide that subsequently activates cyclic guanine monophosphate (cGMP) which mediates pain reduction. FIR therefore stimulates the biological pain relief mechanisms of the body without the need for drugs. Users of KYMIRA Sport products report reductions in DOMS and other exercise related pains. Relief of pain from chronic conditions such as old injuries is also seen and can improve performance.


There is overwhelming evidence to prove that FIR directly supports Performance, Recovery, Thermoregulation, Increased Circulation, Increased tissue oxygen levels, Increased Cellular Metabolism and Energy production and Pain Relief.

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