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“In Your Face”

“In Your Face”
OK, excuse the pun, but I couldn’t resist. After all, that simple phrase’s multiple meanings sum up not only quite literally our products use, but also much more. The SAFEJAWZ approach to design. Our view on how sales should be done. As well as acting as a friendly “Oh, Really?” to those who said you can’t start a desirable, innovative sports brand out of uni with the money in your Levi’s in today’s World.
Don’t get me wrong, SAFEJAWZ isn’t Vivienne Westwood, but we see the excitement of a market that was desperate to show their personality, to escape the pattern of buying boring sports protection, now having a real choice.
When did Sports equipment get so serious anyway? Cue the memories of neon poppered trackie bottoms and flashing trainers. And why do novelty and science have to be mutually exclusive? With SAFEJAWZ, we wanted to create products that firstly attract customers with their design, then keep them with their comfort and functionality.

Yes, we are proud of our Extro Series designs, but we are also proud of our RemodelTech™ materials which allow a wearer to re-fit their mouthguard in order to ensure a great fit. We are proud of the FluidFit™ construction which blows gel out of the water in terms of comfort and protection. And we are proud of our JawSecure™ base that prevents lateral jaw movement in impacts. OK, I’m just showing off now, apologies.
The thing is, what’s the point in having a great product if you don’t tell people about it? We could’ve gone the traditional route of filling the car boots of an army of sales agents, but we are strong believers that no one can do our products justice better than us. That’s why whenever you speak to someone on our team about SAFEJAWZ, they are in-house, and they are knowledgeable and passionate and happy to give you their time.
We are now continuing the “in your face” theme and getting out on the road to tour the country, showing off our products and answering your questions. You can be sure we’ll be in your area at some point over the next few months, so pop me an email if you’d like us to pop in and give you a product demo – Seriously, do. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.
As we all know, getting products on the shelves is only the first part of the journey; sell-through is today’s retail buzz word, and rightly so. Sure, impressing retailers enough for them to buy into your brand is great, but impressing customers enough to get them picking your product, and again, and telling their friends to, that’s what makes winning brands.

We have never struggled with sell through. SAFEJAWZ products were always going to attract attention, but we have recently implemented a couple of strategies to further improve the sell through for our retailers, which have been taking sales to a new level for many of them.
Firstly, our POS campaign that was launched in the Summer has had great feedback. With such great designs it is important to display them in the customer’s faces and our new season counter top display stands do that to great effect. We don’t believe our retailers should have to pay to market our products, so we don’t charge for our POS.
Secondly, we released a sales training document outlining all the great features of our products that any of our retailers have access to. You may think there’s not much to a mouthguard, but with the features we’ve squeezed into the Extro Series we wanted to position our retailers in the best possible position to allow their customers to make an educated purchase. This tool has made our retailers a lot more confident in selling SAFEJAWZ over the alternatives, and continues to inspire confidence in customers.

It’s safe to say SAFEJAWZ will be in your face more over 2016, with some great product releases planned and exciting partnership and endorsement announcements on the horizon. If you want to add SAFEJAWZ to your offering for 2016 please get in touch to request a catalogue or a visit. Alternatively, we will be at ISPO 2016 in Munich so please pop by and say hello if you are there.
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