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INTERSPORT-DW Sports deal confirmed

DW Sports has become an affiliated retailer of INTERSPORT.

As a result of the deal, all fascias and in-store communication will be rebranded as INTERSPORT DW SPORTS over the next six months.

With 60 stores across the UK and over 250,000 fitness club members, the rebranding exercise gives the INTERSPORT brand a boost on the high street and, claims INTERSPORT, will present a multitude of marketing opportunities that will benefit the entire membership base.

“As organisations we have a similar ethos to be a true sports retailer, and we reached our agreement based on the clear and abiding synergies that exist between us,” says Tom Foley, INTERSPORT general manager.

“As a larger group, together we believe we can serve all of our members more effectively, delivering even better value and greater advantages.

“For these reasons this has been encouraged and supported by INTERSPORT International from the outset.”

INTERSPORT says its major suppliers have been positive about the move, with many seeing the partnership creating a better balance in the UK sports retail market.

“Becoming an affiliated partner with INTERSPORT will help both parties,” says Winston Higham, CEO of DW Sports.

“DW Sports will benefit from the sports retail side of the business, with our 60 sites becoming instantly recognisable as sports stores.

“Once customers see the INTERSPORT logo we believe they will take in the fact we are not just a fitness club operator.

“I believe with our retail square footage, combined with the existing INTERSPORT members, we can achieve better buying leverage and give a very strong exposure to the INTERSPORT brand.”

The INTERSPORT UK group now has 87 members operating out of 259 outlets.

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