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It is always best to keep your cool

When you are training and competing it is often difficult to keep yourself at optimal temperature.
Pouring water over your head will keep you cool for a while but Mission have come up with an innovative range of towels that aim to keep you cooler for longer.

Mission’s Enduracool instant cooling technology chills fabric surface temperature by up to 30° to help you control temperature on demand.

But it’s not all about cooling but thermoregulation across the board. Richard Townsend, Mission sales director UK and Ireland, said: “Mission has developed the first and only line of athlete-engineered products designed to enhance performance in training and competition. Launched in 2009, teaming up with world-class doctors, scientists and athletes, the Mission Performance Lab at UCONN’s Korey Stringer Institute is a state of the art facility dedicated to studying and testing thermoregulation science in order to advance athletic performance.

“This has enabled Mission to deliver game-changing innovations. Mission Athletecare has quickly become a driving force of innovation in the sports industry, uniquely focused on products that help athletes prepare, perform and rehab from competition.”

Mission’s range is now expanding from the cooling towels and neck gaiters technology to introducing seasonal thermoregulative apparel and accessories which addresses the threats to thermoregulation for Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter.

Providing a capsule range of activewear for SS17 including men’s and women’s t-shirts, shorts and leggings and sports bra for the ladies.
Richard added: “The main difference in products now is that the Mission brand has branched out from cooling technology to heating technology, keeping you at optimal body temperature through all seasons. All technologies are permanent and will never be washed out.
“The Cooling towel and Neck gaiter technology is a technology that is permanent with no chemicals. When wet it slows the rate of evaporation and instantly cools to 15o below average body
temperature, wicking sweat and circulating moisture.
“The Apparel technology (Vaporactive) is a new dynamic fabric technology which combines patented 37.5R technology that rapidly evaporates and removes sweat that absorbs and retains your body’s heat with odour control.

“It actively adapts to your body keeping you ultra-dry. This technology has now been adapted for use in cold conditions with thermal fleece products providing warmth without added weight and water resistant.”

The products are designed for anybody that wants to keep their body at optimal temperature, whether it be participating in sports activities indoor/outdoor or just keeping cool, for example, avoiding heat stroke and also ladies’ experiencing the menopause.

Richard Said: “Our optimal core temperature is 98.6oF/ 37oC, you use up to 80 per cent of your metabolic energy on thermoregulation, which leaves less energy for performance. This is where Mission comes in.
“This Fall/Winter Mission will be controlling temperature and unlocking performance with their first Fall/Winter range of thermo-regulating apparel and accessory products for both men and women.”

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