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Its time to bring pedal power to the pool with Waterflex

Now with an English base as well, in Waterflex/Aquatic Systems Ltd, Waterflex are re-inventing new ways to participate in watersports and for people to enjoy the comfort, performance and ease of use of their equipment.

Their innovations have made them a European leader in the design and manufacture of water fitness equipment.

The company’s Fit’s Pool, water bikes, joggers and trekkers can be found in gyms across France but are a relatively new concept in the UK. John Dimmock, Aquatic Systems Ltd sales director, said: “The water bikes and joggers are really common in France. They are used in pool fitness classes and wellness programs across the country. Imagine people of all age groups, gender and fitness levels in the pool participating in water aerobics with music, lots of noise, splashing, laughing and having fun while burning calories and getting fit.

“It is a fitness alternative for those people who feel frustrated just lap swimming, when their lap rate is reduced because of others in their swim lane slowing them down.

The Spinning Waterflex bikes are designed in high-quality, marinegrade, brushed stainless steel and are compatible with all types of water. Hard-wearing silicone wheels allow easy movement without marking the floor. A special perforation system allows the bikes to drain in seconds and the pedals are fitted with built-in straps and optimised for barefoot use.

There are several versions of the bike, to cater for all levels from private to professional use.

The Happy Bike is the entry level, with gentle resistance, and heading up to the WR5 and INO8, which feature greater resistance for use by stronger athletes.

The WR5 water bike is the sportiest version in it’s class and a feature of this bike is its spinning performance.

John said: “Our contracts department are ready to handle any sized order. If a gym wanted 20 of these bikes to put into their pools to do water aerobics twice a day we can do that with ease.

“Aquatic systems have lease purchase plans in place for health clubs and have a very good inventory. We have fast delivery in the UK and the equipment can be assembled on site by our team.

“Waterflex also produce an Aquabike Lift, a machine to easily lift the water bikes in and out of the pool with minimal effort.”

The Happy Bike is the lightest water bike and is designed to enable everyone to start water fitness – you don’t need a swimming pool.

The Waterflex Fit’s Pool is for small gyms and clubs in rented premises.

It is an innovative selfsupporting mini-pool and can be fitted with with a Waterflex bike, jogger or trekker.

John said: “It is a complete personal fitness centre and allows those who do not have a swimming pool to discover the pleasure of pedalling in warm water.

“The Fit’s Pool is modular and has a depth of 1.20m and includes a complete filtration and water heating system and includes a Waterflex exerciser at a low price making extra income and adding a water exercise facility to a club.”

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