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James Fenton, director of Smash Sports, provides the inside track on Tecnifibre squash

Tell us about Tecnifibre squash
Tecnifibre has been in the squash market for over 30 years. Its first product was the 305 green squash string, which is still the best-selling squash string in the world.

The brand launched its first racquets in 2004, with the introduction of the Carboflex range. This racquet was used by world number one and world champion, Theirry Lincou, and today is used by both the men and women’s world number ones.

Tecnifibre offers a specific product range designed and developed to be the best for today’s squash player. It doesn’t use products and technologies that cross over from its tennis range.

What’s Smash Sports’ relationship with the brand?
We’ve had an involvement with Tecnifibre for a long time and have been its distributor since 2004. We have a strong relationship with the guys at Tecnifibre headquarters in France and work with them closely on product development for the squash market. Being part of Tecnifibre is like being part of a big family.

How big is the squash market in the UK?
It’s the biggest of the squash markets in the world. England Squash says 500,000 people play squash each year.

Is it growing?
Not at the moment, but it’s still one of the top 10 participation sports in the UK.

Brand USPs?
Tecnifibre has two main squash products – strings and racquets.

No other brand can make a string in the same way as Tecnifibre. The brand’s PU multifilament strings, such as the 305 green string, are saturated with polyurethane, not just coated. This means increased durability, elasticity and performance.

We string all our premium racquets in a PU multifilament string rather than a basic synthetic one, which means a player receives over £20-worth of string in their racquet.

The Carboflex racquet has a unique shape, while all our racquets have unique technologies.

Tell us about Tecnifibre’s brand ambassadors’ recent successes

Our ambassadors have had some amazing successes in recent years and we’re proud to see them representing Tecnifibre.

Mohamed El Shorbagy (pictured) won the junior British Open when he was 16, 17 and 18 years of age. He is now in his early twenties and is the world number one.

Nour El Sherbini won the junior British Open every year from the age of 13. She became the youngest women’s world champion at the age of 20 a few weeks ago and at the same time took the world number one spot on the women’s tour.

It’s exciting times for Tecnifibre and this is only the start.

What type of retailer stocks the brand?

As a premium brand, we work with specialists such as Intersport retailers, STAG retailers, generalist stores and department stores. There’s a demand for Tecnifibre squash products at all levels.

Are you looking to grow the number of retailers stocking the brand?
We’re always happy to hear from new retailers and discuss opportunities.

What support do you offer stockists?
We’ve created a lot of demand for Tecnifibre at an international and national level, but we also work with retailers in their local area by supporting coaches, players, clubs and tournaments.

We’re happy to provide staff with training on our products and can provide branding for in-store.

How quickly do you turn orders around?
Our aim is to get orders out on a next-day service, which we achieve the majority of the time. We aim to keep all products in stock at all times, but of course sometimes products will go out of stock.

Is there a minimum order level?
Not for top-ups. We work with retailers to place pre-orders for the coming season, which we give discounts in return for.

What’s your plan for the brand for the rest of the year?
We have a good strategy and strong network, so we’ll not be doing anything too different. As always, we’ll be working hard to keep improving in any areas we can to give the best service and continue building upon our successes.

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