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James Fenton of Smash Sports talks us through Salmings new running range

Can you give us some background on Salming?
Salming, formed in 1991, is the athlete’s brand, constantly looking for new ways to play, new demands and new needs. Old truths often need to be reconsidered and Salming is not afraid to break a rule or two if necessary. Good can always be a little bit better. You can always train a little bit harder. But sometimes it is up to the equipment and they are the occasions Salming aims at when it develops its products.

Who is the range aimed at?
Running should feel light, balanced and comfortable. We know from experience that most runners know when it is right. Trust your own feeling; it is your most valuable instrument, if you want to shape a running form that is right for you. Salming’s shoes are perfect for runners who want a lightweight, comfortable, neutral shoe and who want to develop their technique.

Key features and benefits?
Salming has applied its ‘rule of five’ to its running shoes to facilitate the user in finding the right running technique – light, to improve running efficiency; flexible, to imitate the foot’s flexibility in order to facilitate a natural running technique and improve the biological structures of the foot; flat, with a low heel-to-toe drop of 5mm to facilitate the correct foot landing at the ball of the foot, thus improving the runner’s balance; thin, to improve sensory feedback from the foot to the brain; and comfortable with a relatively roomy toe box, so the foot is able to function as nature intended it to.

Salming shoes have many technological features, including TGS 62/75o, a torsion efficiency unit, three-layer outer construction, exoskeleton, RunLite midsole and RocShield.

How will it be marketed?
We will be undertaking a wide range of marketing activities during 2015 and onwards to not only get the Salming range in front of the runner, but to build a Salming running community.

Salming will be sponsoring many local running events all over the country to drive demand for retailers local to these events. We will be actively seeking top running ambassadors to carry the brand into their local running networks and working with local retailers to build Salming sales.

In addition, we are working with social media experts to build Salming’s presence on these platforms, adding to the Salming running community. We will also be advertising in running magazines, digitally through e-zines, websites and social media, as well as hard copy.

Plus we will be sending shoes to bloggers and reviewers in order to give confidence to the user about the quality and performance of Salming products. We welcome the opportunity to discuss with retailers how to work with them to promote both them and Salming to their local running networks.

Why do you think the range will sell well?
The shoe designs are liked by the consumer and are winning many design awards around the world. This, coupled with the great lightweight comfortable feeling the user gets when they first try on the shoes, is attracting a lot of attention and positive feedback.

For more information call 01932 781311, email or visit

James Fenton is director of Smash Sports, the UK and Ireland distributor of Salming.

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