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James Tattersall of Target Sport gives us the facts about the darts brand

Tell us about Target
Target Darts is a UK-based darts manufacturer that’s widely accepted to be the world’s most innovative darts brand. While our headquarters is in the UK, we have a manufacturing facility in China and a sales office in Japan, giving great global reach for our brand.

Unknown to many, darts is actually the second most watched sport on Sky Sports and we capitalise on this by sponsoring the world’s best players, including Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor, Adrian Lewis, Stephen Bunting and Dave Chisnall. These guys are on TV week in, week out and have over 20 world championship titles between them.

Target’s strength is in its well designed, innovative and quality products. Our state-of-the-art machines enable us to produce products that are unique, never before seen and of unrivalled quality.

Who is the range aimed at?
As Target has grown into a leading position in darts in the UK, we have altered our business and product model to enable us to appeal to a wider segment of the market.

Target’s name and brand has been gradually built up with our high-end darts and supplying the specialist and online darts market – this is what we call our core range. It focuses on aspirational consumers, who see their darting heroes succeed using Target products. These consumers also buy into the unique and technological advances that develop their game and improve their scoring. In a game of fine margins, every detail matters.

The new focus at Target is on high street retail and our new Target Exchange range has been designed and launched to hit these markets. The range focuses on the more casual dart player or somebody who is new to darts and after their first set. It achieves this through lower price points, beautiful retail packaging and offering great value for money with spare accessories and a dart wallet. The Exchange range leverages Target’s strengths in product and pack design and, most importantly, the products feature some of the most famous professional darts players.

Key features and benefits?
The best-selling product in the Target range is 16-times world champion Phil Taylor’s Power-9Five Generation 2 dart. Phil’s endless pursuit of perfection has inspired Target’s latest engineering innovation, the Quattro Grip, which features four equally spaced power pockets precisely milled at the rear of the barrel for enhanced grip and feel, promoting consistent grip position.

Azzurri Blue Titanium Nitride coated Pixel Grip Technology, fused with the unique Quattro grip, completes this radical new barrel design – a dart worthy of an undisputed champion. The new barrel comes with Target’s latest Power-Titanium Gen 2 Shaft for optimal balance and flight grip, setting a new benchmark in dart design.

How is it being marketed?
We have the best players in the world using our products – it’s that simple. Our team of players make their living using our products to win major TV events and they drive consumer demand, as amateur players aspire to replicate and so look to new and advanced equipment to help them get there.

Target also sponsors a host of England county teams, local competitions and youth academies, as well as having an impressive social media reach. This is backed up by our fantastic product videos and the revolutionary way we utilise our players in imagery.

Why do Target darts sell so well?
Because we offer a product different to what has been the norm in darts for the past 40 years. Consumers want cutting edge technology to improve their game and Target delivers this again and again.

We have revolutionised how darts are visualised, marketed and sold and the results have been spectacular. Quite simply, we offer a product very different to anything else that’s out there. Of course, any sporting product used by a professional player is sought after and darts is no different. Target has some of the most popular players in the world and all of their products sell very well.

What’s the most effective way a retailer can market the range?
Merchandising the products on a wall-mounted or floor-standing display unit is very effective. Our units also come fitted with a locking mechanism, which prevents shrinkage.

We have also found that store visits from professional players are a great way to market the range and Target is always open to supporting its retailers with visits from the pros. In addition, we have some fantastic electronic marketing material and POS to help retailers make the most of the range, whether they are on the high street or online.

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