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JJB forced to pay up

JJB has agreed to make payments to people who purchased certain replica football shirts from the retailer during certain periods in 2000-2001. The decision was announced following legal action by the consumer organisation Which?

People who purchased certain England and Manchester United shirts during certain periods in 2000 or 2001 and joined the case against JJB will receive a payment of £20. Customers who brought one of the affected shirts, but did not join the case will still be able to claim £10 if they present either proof of purchase or the shirt itself, with its label intact, at a JJB store before February 5, 2009.

Further information on the specific shirts affected by this agreement and details of how to claim are available at and

“The agreement reached with JJB Sports is a good deal for the hundreds of consumers who purchased football shirts and joined our case against JJB,” says Deborah Prince, head of legal at Which? “Many of those who purchased the relevant shirts still have the whole of next year to take their shirt or proof of purchase into a JJB store, so we encourage them to do so.”

JJB was one of seven companies that were fined a total of over £16 million by the Office of Fair Trading in 2003 for running a cartel that unlawfully fixed the price of England and Manchester United shirts in 2000 and 2001. The high street retailer paid a £6.7 million fine for its part in the cartel.

Using legal powers under the Enterprise Act 2002, Which? launched a consumer representative action against JJB Sports in February 2007 to claim money for people who purchased the relevant shirts.

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