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Jordan Fitness launches Technique Box range

Jordan Fitness, the functional fitness specialist, has introduced a range of weightlifting Technique Boxes to its product spectrum to complement the company’s Fitness Elite Bar and Competition/Training Discs.

The Jordan Fitness Technique Boxes provide a range of starting points for learning and training for Olympic lifts, modified lifts and Olympic pulls.

The possible height combinations available with the new Technique Boxes provide a means to effectively teach full lifts using a variety of progressive heights.

The Technique Boxes are available in different sizes and easily adjustable to allow users to alter the height when learning the pull sections of the clean and snatch.

They enable athletes to start each repetition from an equivalent position to their hip, thigh, knee or shin and gradually progress to a full repetition from the floor.

The Jordan Fitness Technique Boxes are also ideal for beginners who are using ‘hang’ positions.

Working from ‘hang’ positions can reduce fatigue among stabilising muscle groups such as the lower back, which can potentially prevent the athlete from executing such a complex full body movement.

With the adequate support provided by Jordan’s Technique Boxes, a lifter can be confident in dramatically improving their weightlifting ability.

Made from wood, the Jordan Fitness Technique Boxes are stackable and available in four different heights – 5.7cm, 15cm, 30.5cm and 38cm high.

They have a total height of approximately 90cm and 13 different height combinations are available.

Each Technique Box has ‘stoppers’ to prevent the weight bar from falling off when placed on the box, a design feature that helps protect both the weights equipment and user.

The boxes are 91.5cm in length by 51cm in width and have a working area of 76cm x 43cm to enable clean user movements.

Jordan Fitness’ Technique Boxes are a key piece of equipment within any training facility that utilises functional and effective Olympic lifts for the strength and conditioning of both athletes and non-athletes.

For more information visit or call the Jordan Fitness sales team on +44 (0) 1553 763285.

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