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Like music on the run but want to hear whats coming?

Stylish, innovative and safety-conscious, AfterShokz are creating a buzz in the sport market.

AfterShokz brings patented bone conduction technology, initially developed for military special operations and law enforcement by Voxtech in 2001, to sport, mobile and bluetooth headphones that are designed and priced for everyday use.

Since their inception in 2011, the company has been committed to innovating unconventionally and making situational awareness a priority. Bone conduction is a natural part of the hearing process—sound travels through the eardrums and bones simultaneously.

The company’s patented bone conduction technology produces sound via mini vibrations that travel through the cheekbones to the inner ears, bypassing the eardrums completely.

Kim Fabiano Fassetta, chief marketing officer, said: “Instead of speakers that cover or nest inside your ears, AfterShokz transmits audio via a pair of transducers that rest on your cheekbones, leaving your ears uncovered and canals unblocked.

“Many people experience discomfort from headphones and earbuds— OpenFit eliminates common irritations through an unrivaled open-ear design that offers supreme comfort, even during long-term use. Safety is another key benefit of our design— with nothing blocking or plugging your ears, maximum situational awareness is achieved.

“The sound quality is on par with similarly-priced in-ear sport headphones. Through a suite of proprietary audio technologies and the only completely open-ear design, AfterShokz headphones deliver premium stereo sound and a promise of safety and comfort that is second to none.”

The issue of safety has led to a partnership with England Athletics which will see Aftershokz provide exclusive offers to England Athleticsregistered athletes and RunTogether participants and leaders, as well as product for England representative teams.

Chris Jones, CEO of England Athletics, said: “The UK Athletics’ rules of competition are clear that “in ear” headphones cannot be used in events where roads are open to traffic. Using bone conduction technology, AfterShokz is able to deliver stereophonic sound through your cheekbones to your inner ear.

“Potentially preventing accidents caused by traditional headphones and earbuds that block out sounds, runners can enjoy their music and still hear everything around them – including traffic, emergency vehicles and other warning noises.”

Fassetta added: “We’re thrilled to have their support and look forward to keep runners safe and aware together.”

There are four Aftershokz models – two wireless, Trekz Titanium and Bluez 2S, and two wired Sportz Titanium and Sportz Titanium with mic.

Fassetta said: “There are a few key differences between the two wireless models. The Trekz Titanium is made of titanium and silicone, making it incredibly lightweight and flexible, while the Bluez 2S is made of plastic, which some prefer for their fit, finish and durability.

“The Trekz Titanium offers multipoint pairing, which allows users to connect to two devices at the same time. While you won’t receive input from both devices at the same time, you’ll be able to seamlessly transition from one device to the other. The Trekz Titanium has a 4.1 Bluetooth chip. The Bluez 2S has a 3.1 Bluetooth chip.

“The Sportz Titanium and Sportz Titanium with mic differ from the wireless models only in that they are wired, and while they are also sweat and water resistant, they aren’t IP55 rated like their wireless siblings. The Sportz Titanium is the only product in the line that is for audio play only—all the other models have microphones that allow you to make and take calls.”

AfterShokz are continually looking to develop their products and are looking forward to the rest of the year.

Fassetta said: “Without giving too much away, we can say that we have a couple of new headphone developments in our sights for 2017. While AfterShokz bone conduction headphones are a great fit for runners, cyclists, and other athletes—fitness enthusiasts are not our only customers.

“Our ShokzSquad includes members in the professional, law enforcement, manufacturing and construction industries, as well as those who are blind or hearing-impaired. Finding way to serve all these customers with products that make their lives better is our mission!”

Trekz titanium £109

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