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Market for wearable sports and fitness activity sensors set for significant growth

The market for wearable sports and fitness activity sensors is set to explode over the next few years as a new generation of devices collect and automatically share data online, claims new research.

Nike, adidas, and Motorola are just some of the companies to recently launch new wearable wireless products, and there are plenty more to follow, according to ABI Research’s latest report, Body Area Networks for Sports and Healthcare.

Mobile handset accessory vendors, consumer electronics companies, fitness management service offerings and online services providers are all set to join a market that has long been the preserve of specialist, high-end vendors such as Polar and Garmin.

“Sports, fitness and well-being applications will be the key engine of growth in the wearable wireless healthcare market as demand for a new wave of devices will be driven not just by growing consumer interest and awareness, but also by increased competition and support for a raft of new applications,” says principal analyst Jonathan Collins.

At the heart of this growth will be ultra-low power wireless connectivity from wearable devices to mobile phones through support for Bluetooth Smart in handsets and devices.

“Leveraging mobile handsets to provide automated online data access opens up the wearable wireless market to real-time online connectivity,” says Collins.

“Although not the only option, standardisation around Bluetooth Smart will be the bedrock of this market growth.

“A whole host of companies in the sports and medical device market, as well as online services companies, are going to have to add or extend their offerings and services to support a new wave of wearable sensor connectivity.”

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