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Myagi and Puma – digital journey

In early 2016, Puma UK were looking at ways to make sure that their training initiatives were not only maximizing ROI but more importantly having the greatest impact possible on the sales associates representing them on the shop floor. Following guidance from one of their key accounts already utilising the training platform, Puma were introduced to Myagi and became one of the early adopters of Myagi in sport.

Pairing Physical and Digital

Theo Jones of Puma’s Performance Marketing team was well aware that advances in technology were not only presenting opportunities to distribute Puma content more effectively but also presenting new ways for their training materials to be consumed, adapted and created.

Theo said: “We wanted to find new ways to scale the training we were offering. We love getting out into our accounts stores and meeting their staff, ensuring they are aware of Puma and what we are trying to do in the marketplace, but with the timescales we work on with our quarterly product releases, it was impossible to hit all the stores across all our accounts and keep training quality high and consistent.”

The opportunity to reach the sales associate ‘from both sides’ was a great way to position themselves ahead of other global sports brands.

Theo added: “Myagi has enabled me to ensure our retail partners have access to materials that are relevant and engaging year round. We hit our accounts in the lead up to our product releases, but now, any questions they have, any information the sales associate may have forgotten from our visits can be revisited and consumed again in Myagi. It is the perfect combination of physical and digital training to make sure they always have our campaign messaging to hand.”

Setting Up for Success

After an orientation and onboarding session with the Myagi team, the Puma account was quickly configured and prepared so that Theo could create, segregate and distribute content to Puma’s key accounts, many of whom were already utilizing the Myagi training platform.

Taking a lead role in executing the Myagi strategy for Puma, Theo created a unique feel to the videos. Filmed from within store locations, Puma content is instantly relatable to a sales associate and it places them right at the heart of the ‘typical’ retail experience.

Roll Out

A key advantage for Puma was that many of their Key Accounts were already utilising Myagi as their training platform. Therefore, Theo and his team could feed their training into their account development strategy to ensure both Puma and the retailers were maximising the use and engagement with their content.

Sales associates to date have consumed over 1,300 hours of training on Puma content.

To reward sales-associates for their engagement, Puma ran a competition to win Arsenal tickets. Engagement strategies like this are something Theo is looking to continue moving forward.

Theo said: “We want to reward our best accounts and their employees of course and we often thank them for the support they give. But we also want to make sure the training is fully engaged with for the right reasons – so that messages can truly be driven home.’’


Puma has the second highest engagement rating compared to other brands sharing content with the same accounts.

Theo and his team are expecting to see some fantastic results for Q3 2017 (not yet published) which correlate with the increasing consumption of Puma content within Myagi.

He said: “All we want to do is give sales associates the best possible interaction with Puma as they can. Getting feedback from accounts and the Myagi team, along with our own desire to succeed means we can constantly improve and ensure sales associates are driving home the Puma message to consumers.”

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