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Myagi lead the way in specialty running

Runners are always looking for that extra thousandth of a second in the pursuit of a PB. So it’s hardly surprising that this specialist retail sector has so readily adopted a tool that offers such big gains in sales and customer experience.

Since 2016, when Intersport adopted Myagi as the learning network for sports, the platform has been expanding apace with a field of brands including Adidas, Asics, New Balance, Nike and Puma signing up to support specialist running retailers across the UK and US with access to online learning.

Running especially is a very technical sale; sales associate knowledge and the customers’experience are essential to success and the likelihood of winning customer loyalty.

Simon Turner, co-founder of Myagi, said: “Even for the least capable runners, and I should know, the experience of walking into a specialist running retailer, testing shoes on the treadmill, having my gait analysed and, importantly, understanding why I should choose shoe x over y is amazing. Sales associates in this environment need to deliver on the promise being made to the customer. Myagi offers the tools needed to make this happen.”

Bruce Duncan, UK marketing manager Inov-8, said: “We saw an opportunity with Myagi to really drive our education programme forward. We needed a way to support our specialist dealers and impact on how our products are sold to customers. Myagi acts as the first step in our package of retail support and learning.”

National retailers Sweatshop along with Up and Running in the UK and Road Runner Sports in the US have also come to Myagi to benefit from training from these brands, all conveniently accessed on one website. This cements Myagi as the best solution to online training available to both small independent specialists and national chains alike.

Brands too are seeing the benefit of offering their training on one network of sports sales associates. Hilly and RonHill have recently launched new content to further increase the scope of training available. The tools in Myagi ensure that the brand has control of who sees what content, they can also track performance of the learners and dealers to make sure they are getting the support they require.

Richard Johnson, Key Account Manager, Asics UK, said: “Myagi helps us communicate to our dealers in a quick and consistent manner. We can easily upload short videos to the platform and share them to the pocket of the right sales associate, that way they are always up to date.”

The future of specialty retail is uncertain. Pressure on costs continue, while competition from pure players online are squeezing margins in footwear. The best hope of a solid future for specialist running shops, is to make sure that every visitor becomes a happy customer. Brands recognise the service these essential retailers offer and through Myagi are creating the tools to help them not only to survive, but to excel.

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