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Myagi: the sell-through solution

Product training, so absolutely crucial in specialist retail does not come without its friction points for both retailer and brand alike.

For the retailer, it can mean taking sales associates off the shop floor or off-site to participate. It can mean bringing staff in out of hours, when it is often not convenient for them or the business and increased overheads with staff paid to work outside normal business hours or expensed to travel.

For brands, it means huge expenditure on travel and salaries to provide often inconsistent messaging with infrequent engagement, limited reach, trickle down delivery, poor retention of knowledge and no measurable ROI.

Thankfully it doesn’t have to be that way. Myagi was established to solve all these pain points for both retailer and brand, while improving the service to the sales associate in order to drive sell-through and increase sales volumes dramatically.

Founded in Australia in 2013, Myagi is the only learning network that enables sales associates to train on all the products they sell through a single online app accessible 24 hours a day. Providing training directly to any online device and transforming these essential sales staff from Order Takers to Experience Makers.

How it works

For retailers

For retailers and sales associates just looking to consume brand content, Myagi is completely free of charge.

Myagi believe sales associates are retail’s most underutilized assets, and if we want physical retail to complement online, customers entering stores need to receive top class customer service from confident and knowledgeable sales associates. Associates can only deliver these experiences if they are comfortable with the products they are selling.

Retailers can set up an account on Myagi at no cost via signup/user and easily search for brands to connect to. You can even request training from your suppliers directly in the app and get immediate access.

Retail admins can build out the organisational structure of your business within Myagi:

• Build out Regions
• Add stores
• Invite sales associates

The most successful retailers in Myagi are even segregating connected content to ensure appropriate distribution of training across all their locations; the right content, to the right people at the right time.

Track accountability and performance—Retail admins can also access analytics and reporting across their business from entire regions down to the individual user. Myagi’s analytics suite allows you to keep track of all the training occurring in branch from regional level all the way down to the individual.

To set up your FREE retailer account in Myagi and gain access to brand training right now, visit and start your store’s training journey right now!

For brands

By taking out a subscription, brands can gain access to over 15,000 retail locations and their sales associates already registered with Myagi.

The most successful brands on the platform deliver bitesize training content in the form of video, coaching associates in areas such as;

• Up-to-date product knowledge
• Understanding brand heritage and story
• Behavioural selling techniques
• Cross and upselling opportunities

This information is quickly and easily shared across dealers, while progress and engagement can be tracked at the store and individual level.

Engage and re-engage sales associates all year round, testing their activity to ensure knowledge is retained and reward them with perks as they go.

Brands can divide their training into channels, ensuring sales associates only see relevant information based on the items they stock and the relevance it has to that retailer.

What happens if one of your key accounts is not one of the 15,000 stores already enjoying Myagi? We have an in-product feature that allows you to invite any and every retailer you like into the platform in just a few clicks.

If you’re interested in what Myagi can do for your brand, set up a personalized demo by going to

The Digital Training Journey

Since 2013, Myagi has worked with some of the biggest names in sports and outdoor retail. Their mission is to champion the sales associate, empowering them to perform at their best in stores to drives sales for brands and retailers.

Myagi strongly believes in the value of human to human interaction. With the charge of online retail and the likes of Amazon truly disrupting the marketplace, it is clear that when a consumer does decide to come into your store, they too want to feel a connection. Be that to the product, the brand or the sales associate themselves.

By joining the Myagi network you will be part a retail community of over 15,000 locations. You will be in the same company as the likes of Nike, Adidas, Srixon, Puma, Sun & Ski, The JD Outdoor Group and Intersport to name a few.

If you are a brand or retailer and would like to know more about Myagi, visit contact/ and let them know you came from Sports Insight.

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