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Nike teams up with Bluesign Technologies

Nike has partnered with Bluesign Technologies in order to speed up the supply of sustainable materials for use in its products.

The environmental health and safety management specialist will give the brand’s supply chain, which spans close to 50 countries and over 800 factories, access to its bluefinder and blueguide tools.

Using bluefinder, suppliers can access pre-screened and more sustainable dye systems, detergents and other chemicals used in the manufacturing process, enabling them to manage restricted substances, and provides the opportunity to increase water and energy efficiency.

The blueguide gives Nike access to over 30,000 materials produced using chemicals from the bluefinder at facilities that have undergone rigorous assessment.

Hannah Jones, Nike’s VP of sustainable business and innovation, has called the partnership a significant step in the company’s sustainable materials strategy.

“With the rollout of a positive list of textile chemicals for its supplier base, Nike can support its supply chain to improve chemical sourcing and deliver positive environmental and consumer safety benefits,” says Peter Waeber, Bluesign Technologies’ CEO.

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