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In the first of a series of features from ing Source, the company behind OS1st, retail operations director Darren Alger outlines what makes its products stand out from the competition and allows retailers and customers alike to perform under pressure.

The OS1st range of sports supports comprises six different sleeves covering the foot/ankle, calf, patella, knee and elbow.

Entering a new product range, as a new brand into an existing category is challenging, but with OS1st, we all can be successful.

Innovation is a key ingredient in the armoury of the independent retailer, and that relates both to reaching out to existing and new customers, as well as the product offering – that’s where OS1st excels.

So what makes our products different to the other supports and compression socks and apparel on the market?

Why should you stock OS1st™ in your store? There are a number of reasons. In fact, 3, 6 and 11 are a start.

Our sleeves provide effective support and brace-like features through measured and quantified compression via our Compression Zone Technology. The foot sleeve (FS6), for example, has three different levels of compression in six graduated zones, as does the knee sleeve (KS6) and calf sleeve (CS6).

Our patella sleeve (PS3) and elbow sleeve (ES3) has three zones with two different levels, while our combined foot and calf sleeve (FS6+) has 11 different compression zones.

The level of compression is located in line with the position they lay on the body, thereby working with your anatomy at the right levels, in the right place. We measure these zones before any production batch is released to the market and state the levels, helping us guarantee the efficacy of our range.

By using compression to provide the support, our products are thin, breathable and wick moisture, which means they can be used during sport, not just before and after. This is a significant benefit to our customers, whose worst fear is not being able to do the things they love. And while they are doing their sport, they will need to keep visiting their local retailer to keep them fully equipped.

The unique design also means they are easy to put on and take off.

Combine these patented, unique design features with good margins from small packaged product and the OS1st range of products fit into all independent retailers providing a service to active people.

Let’s summarise why you should stock the OS1st range of graduated compression sports supports:

• Unique products to fit within an existing retail category.

• Stated and tested levels of compression, giving peace of mind as to the efficacy of the product and guaranteed satisfaction.

• Small, packaged products offering great margins – revenue straight to your bottom line.

• Supports customers want to wear before, during and after sport – three reasons to buy.

• Fantastic product to upsell/up-serve, increasing your customers’ average sale (basket) value.

• Award winning products – FS6 won ‘New Product of The Year’ at The Running Event in USA in 2012.

• Fast order turnaround, meaning you can always be in stock.

• Amazing testimonials, meaning your customers will recommend to their teammates and associates to go to you and buy.

• Products that work that no-one else provides.

For more information call 0800 027 8463 or email

Watch out for OS1st in the next issue of Sports Insight.

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