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Phoenix Sporting Goods (PSG) was born on the 5th of May 2015

Phoenix Sporting Goods (PSG) was born on the 5th of May 2015
To create and distribute a range of strong, performance led brands to grass roots, sports education and professional markets throughout the UK and Europe. With inspirational leadership and world class customer service, PSG’s aim is to aid aspiring athletes and their coaches, from grass roots to sporting professionals, to achieve their goals with products that will increase the accuracy of the athlete through repetition or via products that will enable the athlete to train through the winter months on their own or within a team environment.

The Goalrilla Multi-Sport Trainer is the most versatile training equipment that handles the demands of most ball sports. It is a 5’ x 5’ goal with a rugged dampening net and a 7 position rebound net. The dampening net is designed to absorb and stop drives, kicks, passes, shots and throws. The rebound net means if there’s a ball involved, there’s a training opportunity. Easily roll the Multi-Sport Trainer onto the field, court or playground, quickly adjust the angle for the desired exercise and you are ready. The ultra-responsive net delivers quick training drills, repetition, increases drill speeds and acts as a ball return. Sports associated with the Multi-Sport trainer are basketball, cricket, football, futsal, golf, handball, hockey, netball, rounders, rugby, softball and volleyball.

The Goalrilla Football Trainer is a versatile double sided 5’ x 7’ dual rebound football goal. It has been designed to help players of all ages, skill levels and positions to develop and strengthen their skills. The football trainer is the perfect training partner and helps improve strength, accuracy and effectiveness. The responsive net increases drill speed and improves conditioning.

The iLite Metal has several height settings from 3ft to 11.5ft, which makes it a very flexible, efficient and cost effective solution to illuminating sports facilities, courts, pitches and tournaments. The non-toxic and environmentally friendly LED light is designed for greater durability and reliability and provides 3000 lumens of light, whilst the 12v rechargeable battery has over 3 hours of continuous light when fully charged. Easily transportable and erected in seconds, the iLite Metal is the ideal portable lighting solution.

The Goalrilla Spring Trainer is an all year round training partner for baseball, rounders or softball. Its unique design eliminates the need for a parent, coach or teacher, but allows for increased repetitions, thus perfecting shots. It is portable, folds down flat and converts within seconds into a rugged pitch back for throwing and catching practice.

With other products already under development for football, rugby, handball and other sports, General Manager Lee Crocker is looking forward to transforming this start-up company into a respected sporting goods company with training aids for grass roots / professional sports.

Having spent the past six years selling brands like Petron Archery, AND1 Basketball and NET1 Netball, he believes there is an opportunity for these products to help contribute not only to the stars of the future, but also to the continued development of anyone in their chosen discipline.

Lee comments that: “Sport, whatever the level, is a great way not only to exercise the body, but also the mind. Sport teaches people and children a host of valuable skills that they will carry with them throughout their life. Therefore, the more they practice and succeed, the stronger they become – our range of products help contribute to this.”

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