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Resurgence of interest in ‘wheels on heels’

Hy-Pro International, the leading sporting goods business, has announced its Street Gliders have re-entered the NPD charts, becoming one of the top selling lines in the UK skates, skateboards and scooters sector (according to NPD data, quarter two, 2013.)

The unique two-wheeled skates can be easily attached to children’s shoes and adjusted to any size.

They have a rear breaking system and LED wheels that light up as the wheels move.

Their innovative design of ‘wheels on heels’ led to Street Gliders becoming a street sensation and seeing strong sales since being launched in 2003.

This recent resurgence of interest illustrates the longevity of the wheeled phenomenon.

Hy-Pro is taking action to defend this intellectual property from possible imitation or replication.

Building on the success of the Street Gliders, Hy-Pro is currently developing a pro version that’s launching SS14.

Hy-Pro commercial director Simon Pickavance says: “The new pro version of the Glider will help develop sales further for our partners and deliver a whole new age group into the craze of wheels for your heals.

“The Pro Glider is set to capture some of the more aggressive trends in wheeled sports and will deliver on the street and in the skate parks.”

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