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Samantha Parkes of USN UK gives us the inside track on the sport nutrition specialists rebrand

How’s the rebrand progressing? How long was it in the planning?
The USN rebrand has been in the planning for many months and coincided with the launch of USN in the USA in July 2014. It has given us the opportunity to look at the brand characteristics and ensure we are continually striving to push USN to be a dominant global sport nutrition brand.

It represents the single biggest investment in the development of the USN brand and its people since its formation in 2000. Although local markets require flexibility, the abundance of digital platforms does not allow brands to follow different brand and product strategies across countries. The rebranding process is part of our global brand strategy to consolidate USN across 136 countries and return to its roots by sharing one voice and global vision.

Can you tell us about the ‘Challenge Yourself’ campaign?
Our philosophy to challenge yourself celebrates and commends every individual who has stepped up to the plate and competed with no one else but themselves – whatever it takes.

It is with this same commitment, dedication and responsibility that we constantly evolve at the leading edge of scientific research. The development of superior quality supplementation and professional nutritional advice and motivation makes it possible for everyone to achieve their ultimate physical conditioning and goal. Our brand is all about giving people the courage, commitment and dedication to succeed and the impact of our products on their journey is very important to us.

What’s the aim of the rebrand?
At USN we pride ourselves on being the trusted sports nutrition brand and offering superior products. That’s why we are very excited to announce our relaunch in the UK and Europe. The rebrand will ensure USN has a consistency throughout the world and is instantly recognised by consumers in every country and trading environment where we are on the shelf.

The brand aims to reposition itself towards inspiring consumers to challenge themselves, go further, push harder and reach their personal performance goals, whatever they might be. It will be a systematic rollout of fantastic new design elements and a host of new products and reformulations into the UK and Europe markets.

Are you also aiming to reposition USN products?
USN’s premium range of nutrition products will remain within their colour categories for easy recognition – blue for core muscle, black for hardcore muscle and white for body makeover. The rollout will be organic, with no changes to formulations, pack sizes, etc.

With the introduction of new packaging across all the ranges, the consumer will be able to instantly identify within each range the product they require for their individual needs and eliminate the intimidating shopping experience often experienced by new or uneducated consumers.

Describe the new packaging
In addition to the latest product formulations, the new USN range of products are presented in fresh and dynamic packaging that makes it easier for existing and new consumers to identify and select the right product. Labels will be simpler and more consumer friendly and highlight the key benefits in an easy-to-read format, while retaining the USN colour recognition.

You’re rolling out new products and formulations as part of the rebrand. Can you tell us about these?
We have many new products launching in autumn/winter, including USN LEAN-8 Protein, which is an entry level protein drink for the average gym user to introduce them to sports nutrition. Another new product, USN Crea-X4, is a creatine and amino powder drink that, when taken, increases your performance at the gym.

We are also looking at our existing product range and reformulating and improving certain products, such as USN Casein, to make it more competitive in the market and remain on top in terms of formulation and price.

For more information call 0845 1800556.

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