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Shock Absorber knows the importance of breast support during exercise

Shock Absorber knows the importance of breast support during exercise. Since their launch, the design and development of their sports bras has been underpinned by science. Shock Absorber launched in 1995, as a result of scientific research at Edinburgh University. It took two years of biomechanical research, prototypes, trials and road testing by Olympic gold medallist Sally Gunnell to bring the first Shock Absorber sports bra to market. The revolutionary designs provided scientifically proven bounce reduction, combined with the latest in performance fabrics.

In the ten years that followed, inspirational athletes were integral to Shock Absorber’s growing popularity including world renowned tennis player Anna Kournikova and Champion long-jumper Jade Johnson promoted the brand in during the 2004 Athens Olympics.

Pioneering research was commissioned in 2005 with Dr Joanna Scurr, Head of Breast Biomechanics at the University of Portsmouth to analyse the biomechanics of the breast during exercise and the support of the Shock Absorber range versus everyday bras. This detailed study provided valuable insights that allowed Shock Absorber to lead the way in sports bra design.

Shock Absorber commission research from the University of Portsmouth, the world leaders in breast health, to test the performance of their products. Most recent research from the University showed that wearing a Shock Absorber Run bra can reduce breast bounce by as much as 78%*, which is twice as much as a normal bra. Shock Absorber are also continually testing and upgrading their performance fabrics to bring you cutting-edge, breathable, moisture-wicking fabrics.


Shock Absorbers goal for women is simple – No pain, all gain, no matter what your sport or activity of choice. Within the Shock Absorber collection, there really is something for everyone – from traditional lingerie styling, to crop tops, to front opening, to lightly padded – and all fuelled by our expertise and commitment to unrivalled breast support.

Fitness, lifestyle and fashion are moving forward hand in hand at a rate of knots and so in AW16, we see Shock Absorber boldly embracing colour with vibrant pinks, corals and bubble prints, all on bestselling styles.

Women partaking in yoga – a practise that has swept the UK by storm – and similar floor based activities, will love the Active Zipped Plunge bra. Not only does this bra look the part, it plays the part perfectly – and all the way up to an F cup! Front opening allows for easy on and off, while the flat racer back with breathable power mesh finish offer supreme comfort and temperature control. This bra is also the entry price point in the collection and is extremely good value for money at RRP £26.00. In AW16 we have gone bubbletastic and see this bra in a bold print with feminine coral trim. Get ready to make a statement!

The Active Multi Sports Support bra is great for activities such as cycling – another sport that is on the up for women – netball, tennis and aerobics. It’s the collections all-rounder bra and so it’s no surprise it’s a bestseller. Although this bra has the visual appeal of a crop top, on the inside there’s hidden cup sized support to offer supreme hold and comfort. This bra really is one that offers a high level of both style and support and is available from a B cup right up to a HH cup. Remember – all breasts need a sports bra, regardless of size! Two colours are coming through on this style in AW16, both bringing a different look to the table. Firstly we have the bubble print with coral and black trims and then secondly a bright neon pink with coral trim – who doesn’t love a flash of neon?! From trainers, to tights, to sweatbands – and now even on your bra! A colour that is sure to kick-start any workout.

The Run bra, well, this bra does exactly what it says on the tin and has become the go to bra for all women that love running. Launched in 2009, this bra continues to win award after award – and most recently took gold in the 2015 Running Awards. Need we say more? In AW16 we see two striking colours on the Run bra – Pink/Coral and Grey/Coral – both of which are extremely eye-catching and will motivate runners to get up and go on even the gloomiest of mornings!

A good sports bra is an essential part of any woman’s exercise kit. They all have the latest trainers, waterproof leggings and the sweat wicking top, but are they wearing the right bra? Help women maximise their performance, alleviate discomfort and save them from the embarrassment of unnecessary bounce by offering them a Shock Absorber sports bra. Up to 72% of exercising women report breast discomfort whilst exercising. 85% of all women who wear a sports bra agree that proper support helps to improve their enjoyment of exercise.

There are no muscles in the breast, only skin and Cooper’s ligaments support the breast tissue. Any excessive amount of breast movement puts strain on these ligaments causing them to stretch. Nothing can naturally restore them. Wearing a Shock Absorber sports bra will help to prevent long term damage to the breasts during exercise, while allowing you to focus on your performance. No pain, all gain!

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