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Sports PLC looking to buy as CEO sets out growth strategy

Online retailer Sports PLC is seeking to expand its global operations through acquisitions, its CEO Simon Millington has announced.

The UK-based company, which owns golf and cricket brands Forgan and Woodworm and also has successful retail operations in the USA and Australia, sees expanding its product portfolio by acquiring other sports equipment companies as a key part of its growth strategy.

“We are proud to be in a position where we can continue to invest in Sports PLC and strategically plan our growth efforts,” says Millington.

“Our successful business has been built around establishing our own brands and acquiring others, as we did with Woodworm, and we are actively pursuing this plan.

“We would be interested to hear from any sport brands and companies in all markets. All enquiries will be treated as highly confidential.

“Our economies of scale in product sourcing, sales and customer support, and warehousing and distribution mean we are ideally placed to either galvanise an established company that’s suffering in the current economic conditions, or provide a fantastic platform to help a new company or brand achieve its objectives.”

Sports PLC rescued Woodworm from administration in 2008 and resurrected the fortunes of Forgan of St Andrews, the world’s oldest golf club maker.

Added Millington, who heads the operation from Hong Kong: “We buy our products from all over the world in huge quantities and by selling direct to thousands of end users we are able to pass on massive savings and create tremendous high quality, value-for-money brands.

“Having access to this resource and customer base is a proven way to build a business and we’d love to find more brands, products and companies to add to our portfolio and help realise their potential.”

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