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Sports retailers say social media benefits the bottom line

Independent sports retailers are embracing social media, with many seeing bottom line benefits as a result, according to a survey carried out by EPoS specialist Cybertill at the STAG UK Buying Show on November 18-19.

Of the 83 per cent of respondents who use social media, 60 per cent said it drove sales to their businesses.

The most used social media platform among STAG members is Facebook, followed by Twitter and LinkedIn.

When asked what they use social media for, 93 per cent of retailers said they use it to communicate special offers to customers, 60 per cent use it for public relations purposes, 40 per cent to understand and engage with customers and 20 per cent to assist with search engine optimisation.

“Social media is becoming a sales channel in its own right and it is also a perfect fit for sports retailers, especially for those selling into clubs,” says Ian Tomlinson, CEO of Cybertill.

“Facebook and Twitter give them a ready made platform to engage with members of clubs.

“For example, it is easy for a retailer to post on a running club’s Facebook page that they will have a pop up shop at the club’s next 10K run with 10 per cent discount to all members.

“It makes engaging with club members simple and straightforward.”

Of the 17 per cent of respondents who don’t currently use social media, 66 per cent said they are planning to start using it within the next six months.

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