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Stocking trophies is a no-brainer

If you have ever thought about simple ways of bringing in extra revenue – well then it’s time to give yourself a trophy.

Glenway Trophies and Awards believe that they know a way to create extra income and engage with the community.

Glenway, the largest wholesale supplier of trophies and awards in the UK, is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. And Tim Wilford (pictured), who has been with the company for 25 years, believes their products would be an ideal enhancement to any sport store.

He said: “More and more stores should be stocking trophies as a matter of course.

“There is a big market out there. “The youth sport market is huge with football, rugby and hockey clubs, for example, having multiple teams throughout the age ranges and they will always have trophy presentations – with two or three awards per team.

“But it isn’t only sports’ clubs that are on the lookout for trophies.

“Schools and businesses also have award ceremonies and it is a good way for stores to engage with the local community on different levels.”

Glenway offer a huge range of trophies, awards and medals with over 2,000 available for everything from archery, martial arts and traditional ball sports to windsurfing and ten-pin bowling. And Wilford believes that this provides an excellent opportunity to create another revenue stream in store for very little outlay.

He added: “They don’t even have to get their own engraving machines if they don’t want to.

“We can offer everything that they need.

“Most people when they are planning awards usually know, at the very least, a week in advance and we can get all the engraving done.

“We can supply samples for stores and a brochure so they don’t have to hold a large amount of stock. “We have no minimum spend and are happy to take any order. “It’s a bit of a no-brainer for stores really.

“Also, having trophies on shelves in stores can be a talking point for customers.”

The style and demand for certain types of trophies has changed over the years with crystal and glass becoming more desirable.

Wilford said: “Glass trophies are becoming more popular with customers now. “In the past it was more silver cups and shields and then we moved towards plastic trophies and resin-based statues.

“But we can offer a full range of trophies from medals and rosettes to shields, cups, statues, crystal and glass.”

For a full range of Glenway products and services visit or call 0116 2448131.

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