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Superfeet launches free training course for UK retailers

Insole specialist Superfeet has launched a free training programme for its UK customers.

The Fit System, a two-tier course with the option of a shorter introductory training session, will be available from April 2013.

Overseen by Andy Blair, Superfeet’s European training manager and a certified pedorthist, the training sessions provide retail staff with an improved understanding of foot biomechanics and the importance of foot stability, as well as showing them how to achieve the best footwear fitting.

Both level one and level two of the programme focus on all areas of foot comfort and the customer sales process, from accurate foot measurement and fitting, through to product selection and selling techniques.

Level one comprises a half day course that can be completed in store, while level two involves a full day of hands on training at various locations around the country, including Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, London and Portsmouth.?

For retailers who are time restricted, a basic in store training session lasting up to two hours is also available.

“The Fit System is designed to provide a win-win situation for retailers and customers that will ultimately improve the sales process and customer experience,” says Andy Blair.

“The correct support and footwear fitting is of paramount importance in any activity, from running through to hiking and skiing.

“Following the course, retail staff will be better equipped to meet customer requirements in all aspects of footwear related sales, from boots and shoes, through to socks and insoles.”

For more information about The Fit System or to book a place call 0131 344 7980.

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