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The do’s and don’ts for beginners at the gym

As the January rush approaches, fitness newbies have been given beginner-friendly advice on navigating the gym effectively.

The experts at Goal Plans powered by have revealed six do’s and don’ts for beginners at the gym.

January is a prime month for beginners at the gym with almost 40% of adults aiming to improve their fitness as part of a New Year resolution.

Aside fro diving into a new fitness routine, the gym can be overwhelming for newcomers because of the endless etiquette to get to grips with.

There are many do’s and don’ts to remember including putting weights back and minimising taking selfies and videos.

Ashleigh Tosh from Goal Plans powered by  said: “Gyms are particularly busy in January after a month of Christmas indulgences, with people looking to get fitter and succeed in their New Year resolutions.

“Joining a gym can be daunting, and newbies often find it an intimidating environment when they first start their fitness journey.

“There are many spoken and unspoken rules to follow which are important to understand to safely and effectively navigate the gym environment.

“We have revealed important do’s and don’t for beginners to follow at the gym so they can find their feet, including putting weights back and cleaning down equipment.”

Do’s and don’ts for beginners at the gym:

Do: Wipe down equipment

Wipe down equipment after use to avoid spreading germs, viruses and infections. It’s also worth sanitising equipment before you use it as well in case it hasn’t been cleaned down.

Don’t: Invade personal space

Even if it is busy during peak hours, avoid hovering around people when they are using a machine. Not only can this be uncomfortable for the person working out, but it can also lead to accidents.

Do: Put equipment back 

It’s important to return the equipment, whether a dumbbell rack or weight plates, to its designated spot after you have finished using it. As well as being disrespectful to other gym goers, leaving weights around is a tripping hazard.

Don’t: Record people 

Constant photos and videos can be problematic for fellow members, especially if they are in the background or you are holding up their workout. Discussions on etiquette on filming in gyms is a heated topic, but the bottom line is that you should not snap gymgoers without their consent.

Do: Be mindful of surroundings 

Keep an eye on your surroundings, especially during peak hours. Before starting an exercise make sure you have enough space and that no one around you could get hurt.

Don’t:  Hog machines

Be considerate of others wanting to workout and take turns on equipment, especially during high-traffic hours. Respect everyone’s time and avoid leaving a towel or bag on a machine while working out elsewhere.

Don’t: Judge people on their phone

Don’t judge those using phones at the gym as it can be part of a strategic rest between sets. For example, a squatter might rest 2.5 minutes between sets to maintain the appropriate rate of perceived exertion (RPE) for their workout, using their phone to track progress or for a quick recovery moment.


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