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Turning order takers into experience makers

Do you want your sales staff to be fonts of knowledge on the brands you sell? Have all the up to date facts and sales techniques at the tips of their fingers? You know training is essential but how do you find the time and money to make it happen?

That’s where Myagi comes in. Their aim is to make sure front line sales and service staff have the skills, knowledge, confidence and context to deliver unforgettable customer experiences every time.

Jean Parker, Myagi European VP, said: “We are an online training network, a method for getting upto- the minute training down to the shop floor.

“Myagi started in Australia four years ago and within six months we’d launched in the European Sports and Outdoor Market with great success.

“Key retailers we work with here include Intersport in the UK and Ireland, The Outdoor division of JD Plc – Blacks, Millets, Ultimate Outdoors – and Go Outdoors. Also lots and lots of mid-sized chains and independents as well.”

Myagi delivers web-based lessons in easy-to-view formats, making the best use of sales staff’s time.

JP said: “ It’s a very efficient way for brands, especially, to get their important message across to sales associates. It’s easy to produce small, bite-sized videos, allowing sales associates to watch two or three minutes of training rather than sit down and do hour long sessions that are difficult to organise. People can pick it up and put it down when they have the time.

“Myagi is really easy to access, we offer both native Android and Ios apps so users can get it on their phones or tablets. You can also access through Macs and PC’s on your browser, basically any webenabled device will get you access to training in just a few clicks”

Parker believes that the Myagi system has two unique USPs that make it a very desirable tool: “ The style and modern way we are training people helps sales associates engage in a way that they are used to today, via their smart phones a lot like social media.

“And the second, the biggest one really, is the network we are building. We are not just one company’s training platform – we are a true network of multiple brands and retailers across the globe.

“As a sales associate you can access training in your app from just about any brand in your store without having to jump from place to place to find the content. Myagi is the one-stop-shop for sales associates to go and get what they need and it means retailers don’t need to give sales associates lots of different logins to different on-line training.

“There is one site that retailers use with many brands like Nike, New Balance, Merrell and so on – It’s a true network – in the real world the brands and retailers work as a collaborative industry, what we have done is taken that network and put it online to support training and sales.” The training of staff is vital but what is in it for the retailer?

JP added: “We know that well-trained sales associates sell more, there is a proven return on investment from training, Myagi makes learning more effective and efficient.

“The retailers don’t get charged for learning from the brands’ content either, so there are no direct costs to prevent them using Myagi.

“For me as Joe Blogs in a sports store in Lincoln, let’s say, if I go and do my brand training on Myagi it doesn’t cost my company a penny, it’s a real win for retailers big and small.

“This is about helping the sales associates understand what the benefits of the products are and really pushing through how to sell rather than just reading specifications.

“Lastly, we know that well-trained sales associates create better experiences for shoppers who are coming to stores for advice and to talk with a specialist.

“We are helping transform order takers into experience makers.”

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