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Vibram launch Furoshiki to the UK

Following the massive success of their FiveFingers brand, Vibram have developed another revolutionary and innovative type of footwear – Vibram Furoshiki “The Wrapping Sole”. This is already selling extremely well in the USA and Europe.

Furoshiki comes from the Japanese word for “wrap around” and the footwear is inspired by the Japanese tradition of wrapping in cloth, which doesn’t just relate to clothing but also everyday events such as shopping.

Designed by Masaya Hashimoto, as always with Vibram – “it starts with the sole”, following Vibram’s long heritage in advanced rubber sole technology. The thin, flexible sole in VIBRAM XS City compound, offers comfort, grip and durability while giving wearers the familiar “Vibram barefoot feel”.

The super comfortable upper is made of the best quality Italian Lycra which wraps around the foot to be firmly secured by two Velcro fastenings. The result is that the foot is supported and protected by luxury cloth giving the wearer a completely new experience.

Chris Wilson, managing director of Charles Birch Ltd, the UK’s Vibram distributor, said: “Masaya Hashimoto searched the world for inspiration for his colours and designs. For example the Phulkari print inspired by the Punjab embroiderers of Southern India, the Hmong print inspired by the traditional fabrics of Malaysia or the Shipibo print from the Peruvian rainforests. For the more conservative, Vibram Furoshiki also comes in plain black and more subtle designs such as GRU and Marble.

“Vibram Furoshiki is for everyday use. It also folds up into a very small lightweight bag which easily fits into the palm of one hand making it an ideal travelling companion for all situations.

“Hikers can keep a pair in their backpacks, cyclists in their panniers, skiers in their jackets, take it everywhere!

“Vibram Furoshiki “The Wrapping Sole” is ideal for the sports, casual and outdoor markets.”

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