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Wearing accessories in sport: considerations and safety tips

However, when exercising, it’s important to keep in mind some safety tips to avoid any accidents:

Follow the sport-specific rules

Every sport is unique, and some may require different skills and equipment to others. Running is not the same as climbing for example, and different rules apply. While a runner might be okay wearing a ring, the same accessory would be a safety issue for a climber.

If you play hand-contact sports or racquet sports, such as volleyball or tennis, then you may not want to wear anything on the hands or wrist like rings, bracelets or watches to avid he is getting damaged.

Type of Jewellery

Some jewellery is safe to wear during sporting activities. However, aim to wear smaller, non-dangling items as they are less likely to pose a risk than larger, more elaborate pieces. Small stud earrings or chained necklaces with no pendant are normally safe to wear for sports like running or football.

In some cases, your jewellery can enhance your performance such as wearing a waterproof watch to track your time whilst swimming. Some OMEGA watches can be water resistant and come with a comfortable rubber strap, meaning you can blitz through your lengths without worrying about water damage (up to 300 metres).

Securing and Minimizing

Athletes should consider securing jewellery in a way that prevents them from moving or snagging. You can do this by using tape or sports-compliant accessories. You should pay close attention if your jewellery is causing your irritation. Some metals like nickel, brass and copper don’t react well to sweat, leaving your skin to change colour as the corrode. Instead, stick to pure gold, sterling silver or silicone to minimize the risk of damaging your jewellery.

Compliance with Rules

Finally, make sure to check what your sporting association or club allows and assess what kind of apparatus you’ll be using to partake in your sport as there are several dos and don’ts of wearing sports accessories. Athletes should always adhere to the rules set forth by their sport’s governing body or organization.

If you’re ever in doubt on if you’re allowed to wear jewellery whilst working out, it’s always better not to wear it and keep it safely secure in your locker or leave it at home.

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