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Why You Should Download a Fitness App for Your Workouts

Take a look at our suggestions for why you should consider downloading a fitness app.

If you’re looking to get a little healthier, no doubt you’ve started with a glance to the app store. There’s an app for everything, and exercise is no different. But first glancing at them might induce an eye roll. It might look like too much work in itself, or too simple a concept to make change. Take a look at our suggestions for why you should consider it.

The best reason to track all your exercise and health with a fitness app is for motivation. It’s easy to look in the mirror and get frustrated by how slow the progress is on your body, and then probably give up. But by tracking everything you’re doing, you will see that you’re making progress in other ways. You’re getting faster, stronger, lasting longer, etc. This gives you something tangible to look back on and be proud of, keeping you motivated for the next go.

If you upgrade from an app on your phone to an app on a smartwatch, you can enjoy all of the many different apps that come with that. Stick on a podcast via your smartwatch, have a phone call with your mates while on a walk, and even play some games. You could even play some Unibet betting or check the latest horse Premier League odds on your smartwatch.

But if you find the right app you can make tracking your workouts fun. Like Zombies, Run! which turns every romp through the park into an adventure. Stick on the soundtrack to The Last of Us or 28 Days Later and run, run for your life!

A fitness app will force you to keep going with a simple nudge every now and then. It can get you moving with regular notifications if it sees you have been sitting for too long, it can give you a goal to work towards throughout the day and prompts you when you’re not going to meet them. It’s a small thing but it might be enough to simply look at your tracker and know you can do better or look at it and be proud of what you achieved.

Plus, a lot of fitness apps come with a subscription for extra services and perks. If wasting money isn’t a motivator, we don’t know what is.

The thing with tracking is that it’s recorded. Again, if your fitness app is paired with a wearable, you will have something tangible that you can present to a doctor if you need to. Wearables are growing in popularity in medicine, which should give them some validation. Wearable heart, blood pressure and glucose monitors are allowing doctors to care for patients remotely. But should something scare you, like an irregular heart rhythm, you can show your doctor on your fitness app.

Another benefit to fitness apps is that they can help you set goals. These goals will be tailored to you: what you want, what you’re capable of, and what time you can dedicate to getting there. Your fitness tracker won’t assume that you’ve been at this for years, or that you want to do the things everyone else is doing. The best made apps will not lump you in with everyone else and offer you a personalised workout plan or goals.

All-round health
If you were to take things a step further and track your fitness levels with a wearable fitness tracker, you could track a lot more than that daily run. By keeping track of what your body is doing, a smartwatch or Fitbit, whatever you want to call it, can track your sleep, your stress, your mindfulness, your water, your glucose levels, your diet, and your menstrual cycle.

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