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Will you be buying an e-bike?

Will you be buying an e-bike?

The popularity of e-bikes is on the rise.

But how likely are people to buy the new cycles within the next two years?

Sport Marketing Surveys Inc take a look at the figures and statistics.

Sports Marketing Surveys Inc is an experienced and focused sports research business servicing the sports facility, equipment & sports’ goods industry.

We deliver SMART data driven advice and guidance enabling informed business decisions.

We provide SMART data, analysis and insight for leading sports equipment manufacturers, international and national sports federations, major sports events, speciality retailers, national and local sports venue operators.


E-bikes – Buying an e-bike

How likely are you to buy an e-bike, within the next 2 years?

36% Not at all likely

21% Not likely

7% Very likely

11% Quite likely

25% Somewhat likely

These numbers come from the SMS INC. International Cycling Behaviour Programme

A third of UK cyclists like the idea of e-bikes, but are unlikely to consider buying one themselves

Around a quarter of UK cyclists like the idea of e-bikes and would consider owning one

15% of UK cyclists like the idea of e-bikes and would definitely be interested in buying one

There are 8.7 million cyclists in the UK, this makes cycling the third most popular sport

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