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World Cup sees searches for ‘female football kit’ up 261% in one week

“Here in the UK, our love for football is a big part of our culture, however, it’s only over the last year with the Lionesses high profile wins in the Euro’s, and their impressive games across the World Cup over the past few months, that it has grown significantly in popularity among females.

“Undoubtedly, their triumphs have proved to women and girls across the country that it is no longer a sport dominated by their male counterparts, so it’s unsurprising to witness such an increase in the demand for women’s sportswear over the past few months. However, what a lot of fans may not have noticed this year, is that their kit has been modified to suit female footballers’ needs.

“This has included switching out the iconic matching white shorts and tops, in favour of dark blue shorts that have an additional leak protection liner, to accommodate any players on their periods during matches. The change comes after concerns were raised about it knocking confidence, and distracting them if games coincided with their time of the month.

“While, at the time, the change was met with some debate, it proves that businesses, across all sectors and not just the sporting industry, should be providing their employees with practical and comfortable uniforms that allow them to do their job the same as anyone else. This includes using materials that are easy to wipe clean from any leaks that may occur during a person’s period, and using colours that do not easily stain, to avoid any embarrassment that takes focus away from their skills and ability to work.

“Providing these uniforms that fit everyone’s needs also has a whole host of other benefits as well, to not only businesses, but how employees feel about work. When their voices are heard and needs are met, it can increase staff morale and overall performance within the business. Additionally, it may mean that more young people that experience embarrassment over their periods feel that they have a future in the sporting industry, if it continues to reflect their needs.”

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