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Would a second loss to Chantelle Cameron signal the end for Katie Taylor?

Don’t let anyone tell you that boxing isn’t a cruel sport because it certainly can be; years of unprecedented domination are often erased with just one poor performance.

Taylor’s dangerous duel in Dublin

The challenge for Taylor now is to keep her career alive when she faces off against Cameron during the rematch on November 25th. The most recent Chantelle Cameron vs Katie Taylor betting odds will, however, be of concern to fans of the Irish boxer who is priced at 7/5 to win.

Meanwhile, the latest boxing odds list Cameron at just 4/7 to put Taylor to the sword again. In short, the stakes are higher than they’ve ever been for Taylor and these odds suggest that the end could be nigh for one of the most prolific Irish athletes of all time.

Cameron turns up the pressure

Crucially, the pressure on Taylor is something that Cameron is aware of and has been using to her advantage in the build-up to the fight by insisting on being awarded the benefits of being the victor. This was most evident during the official press conference in the lead-up to their second bout when Cameron made Taylor wait close to ten minutes before she took her seat.

On top of that, Cameron has also flexed her newfound power by insisting Taylor makes her ring walk first on the night, which is unchartered territory for the 37-year-old. Put differently, the hunter has now become the hunted and Cameron is desperate to use these mind games to emphasise how much Taylor has to lose when they go head-to-head.

One luxury the 32-year-old English boxer will not get though is a home fight, with the rematch set to take place once again at the 3Arena in Dublin.
Admittedly, owing to Taylor’s global popularity, it seems unlikely that the Irishwoman wouldn’t experience considerable support even when fighting in England, but with the bout set for Dublin, Taylor will be able to rely on partisan backing from fans who are desperate to see her win on home soil.

Indeed, Taylor’s long-awaited homecoming in May did not follow the much-anticipated script, with fans left shellshocked as Cameron was awarded victory by way of a majority decision. In hindsight, there could have been an air of complacency surrounding the first fight with fans and perhaps even Taylor herself, convinced of victory owing to the occasion and venue.

The reality is that Taylor’s performance was uncharacteristically lethargic while Cameron – determined to spoil the party, was focused and aggressive. The result of this rare lapse in application has meant that Taylor’s career is now hanging by a thread.

All or nothing for an Irish great

Both of these warriors will once again go toe to toe for the undisputed super-lightweight title, with Cameron sure to live to see another day even if she loses. Should the unthinkable happen and Taylor ends up losing again, the curtain will surely fall on one of the all-time greats of the sport.

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