New line of Michael Phelps Swim Method products available

The first line of Michael Phelps Swim Method products is now available to UK retailers.

The line has been developed and designed by Aqua Sphere in close collaboration with Michael Phelps’s original swimming instructor Cathy Bennett and the Michael Phelps Swim School, a water safety course based on the motor skills of swimming (kicking, stroking and rhythmic breathing) but also focusing on a swimmer’s needs to mentally understand the properties of water so that he/she can safely prepare how to become a swimmer.

Michael Phelps himself had an early fear of water and was scared to put his face in the water.

Intended to be used to help train young children to swim, the Michael Phelps Swim Method product line offers purposeful equipment for the earliest stages of swim instruction so that children can safely learn to splash, float, swim and train, helping them to become comfortable and confident.

There are progressive levels of product, starting with Level One ‘Splash’ to assist parents introducing six month old babies to water and getting them acclimatized to the feeling of being in water, and moving through to Level Two ‘Float’ for two- six-year-olds which offers comfortable and stable buoyancy swim vests and arm floats designed to assist with a safe and secure floating position.

Level Three ‘Swim’ offers dive rings to encourage children to dive under water confidently, encouraging rhythmic breathing and building a streamlined body position, and Level Four ‘Train’ for advanced beginners offers a cleverly designed kick board to encourage more advanced streamlined swimming and breathing techniques.

The resources are designed to supplement and reinforce professional swimming lessons with a trained and experienced instructor, building water confidence and – of course – making swimming fun.
Michael Phelps said: “I was fortunate to be enrolled in a water safety class when I was five years old. Ever since, the pool has provided me with a place to have fun, stay healthy, set goals, work hard and gain confidence. Now it’s my turn to give back.”

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