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Polar AW200 activity watch

Polar Electro UK is delighted to introduce a new innovation in exercise, the AW200 activity watch. With the health of the nation high on the agenda, this stylish watch allows you to monitor just how active your everyday life is. More than just a pedometer, this intelligent watch also measures the calories you burn and the intensity of your daily routine.

The unique AW200 is Polar’s first watch that has been developed to measure your activity without the use of heart rate-based technology – the new watch measures your movement with acute accuracy, allowing you to interpret the quality of your active life, with results which will perhaps surprise you.

By utilising its world-renowned technological expertise, Polar has designed the AW200, a watch that will measure your daily workout in the steps you take, showing you how long you have been active, whilst also counting the calories you are burning in the process. The fascinating data then becomes an essential part of your day and before you realise it you will be challenging yourself to increase your physical output and take the stairs rather than the lift.

Surprisingly, at least 60 per cent of the global population fail to achieve 30 minutes of physical activity at moderate intensity each day and yet this level of exercise has been proved to bring significant benefits to your overall health and wellbeing. To lead an active and healthy lifestyle the basic recommendation is to aim to complete 7,000 steps or more a day.

With increasingly busy and hectic lifestyles, introducing physical activity into your day is a challenge, but the AW200’s highly advanced pedometer allows you to see if your life needs to be more active or, indeed, if you already have a good base level fitness to work from. Motivating and inspiring, the AW200 will encourage you to increase your general activity effort throughout the day and ultimately enable you to benefit from the health and fitness improvements this will have on your lifestyle.

As stylish as it is robust, Polar’s activity watch is simple to use and can be part of your everyday life. The attractive wrist unit is able to detect the quality of your activity and therefore provide you with the most effective motivational guide you need to improve your lifestyle. If you are walking in the park, walking to work, running for a bus or enjoying a round of golf, the AW200 tells you the value of your activity so that you know how much health beneficial exercise you are really getting, the calories you are really burning and the activity you should really be doing.

Discover your surroundings and at the same time monitor your calorie consumption as the AW200’s altimeter profiles your route and tracks when you are working harder (walking up inclines). The AW200 also includes a built-in air pressure sensor in the barometer to help predict weather changes, as well as a thermometer to track temperature difference whilst you are on the move.

Good exercise has never been so easy – just press and hold START to begin as your energy consumption and the intensity zone pointer are displayed. The impressive features allow you to pace yourself and confirm the effort of your activity and simultaneously verify the cumulative time of health beneficial body movement you have completed. By then comparing the active time with the total time you will find out how long you have been moving, allowing you to ascertain if your lifestyle is as active as you would like it to be.

As well as the unique monitoring features, the AW200 incorporates standard watch functions with time, date, backlight, alarm with snooze, KeyLock and low battery indicator all built in. It is also water resistant to 50m.

Polar’s AW200s are available now at leading sports stores at a manufacturers recommended retail price of £149.50. For more information visit

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